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Friday, October 19, 2012


Yes, I am still alive...

Although recently it's sort of felt like I died. It's been so stressful on me lately. Work, family and friends, and other pressure on me has been piling up! Then my computer crashed...dead hard drive, ugh. I had HP send out a new one and I actually installed it myself. I also had a horrible migraine that knocked me on my ass for almost a week. Eating has been pretty bad lately although over the last week I've been tracking again and starting to get things back in order.

I don't really know what's going on with me lately. I am falling back into old patterns with the "I Don't really care what I eat" attitude. Could have to do with stress (I'm a notorious stress eater)! I'm trying day by day to get myself back in order and man, I need to do it! My scrubs are getting tight, so are my clothes...I just don't like this at all!!! So I'm back, I'm blogging. And I need to be accountable!!

I have been cooking healthy things and keeping them in the house. One of my FAVORITES has been Thee Cheese Tortellini and Mushrom Soup! I've been making this and eating it and it's been amazing. I also add a big package of baby spinach and that really makes it for me! I've also been doing baked potatoes with low fat sour cream/onions/cheese. Today I had a Veggie Delight from subway for lunch since I was running like crazy. This morning I had to be at my first patient by 7am which meant I had to leave my house by 6:30am! When I got up it was sooo dark and rainy, I needed a coffee and I was out of the house by 6:15am. That makes for a REALLY long day, I'll tell you! I'm fighting a headache right now and I know its a combo of stress and such. I'm also drinking a TON of water, filling up my cup and working on hydration too. This is my time, I need to succeed! And this week, so far so good!

I hope you all are well, I've missed you and I'm terribly sorry to neglect you so! <333

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  1. Glad to see a post from you again! I'm trying to come back to blogging as well. I haven't fallen off the wagon but I miss the support of everyone (including you!) Hope things get better/less stressful for you.