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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Weigh In!

Hi all!

Wanted to start off by saying last night I was feeling really nasty. I felt as if some nasty bug were coming on and I was worried...a lot of nasty viruses and germs are going around. But I went to bed early and woke up before my alarm feeling good. I definitely think I've been fighting something off. Monday I didn't even feel like blogging *GASP!* I know! But thankfully I feel more in my groove now.

My therapist called this morning and asked to move up my appointment. So thankfully I had my littler hiney in gear and jetted off to Jenny Craig a few minutes early. Once again they messed up my appointment. Seriously, for over 2 months now they have consistently either not scheduled me at all or scheduled me at an incorrect time. But no matter, I went and I didn't buy much food at all... because...I bought a ton of yummy healthy things at Target yesterday!!!! I found these Lean Cusine steamers and I think I'm in love...

They are these perfectly packaged meals that steam up in minutes and are super yummy!! I had the mushroom tortoloni and it was amazing. One thing I have to say is they have very high sodium so I really cut back the rest of the day and increased my fluid...so I was able to stay within my sodium limits. But this is something in general you have to watch with any prepackaged meals. Jenny Craig is fairly good with keeping the sodium at an acceptable level but it's something to watch! I also got myself some lowfat Cedarlane burritos.

They're approx the calories of a Jenny Craig meal and are filling and delicious, I also got some fat free plain greek yogurt to put on instead of sour cream! Plus my freezer is still chock full of boca burgers and other healthy goodies. YUM!

So you're probably sick of reading my rambles and want to know how I did this week...


Starting Weight: 266.2
Weigh In: 261.2 (-5 HOLY MOLEY!)
Target Weight: 240
Pounds Until Goal: 21.2
Yes, I lost FIVE WHOLE POUNDS. WOW!!!!! I know I had some fluid retention after I flew home but I ate well, even when I went out to dinner. And I walked every day even though I didn't do any hardcore exercise. So...it paid off. YIPEE!

I can't believe I've lost a total of 48.8 pounds... I am literally 1.2 pounds away from being at a total loss of 50 pounds. Honestly, I can't believe it. When I started back in July...I never expected to make it this far. It's because of all you wonderful motivational people (and some hard work on my part) that this has been possible. So THANK YOU! <3333

Looking forward to an awesome week! YAY!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday!

I am struggling with staying awake today, oof.

I am actually not even feeling like blogging today, sorry! I just want to finish charting, curl up in bed with some tea and watch stupid TV. Is that wrong?

The state is hunkering down for what could be a 2 day snowstorm. I'm not too concerned about it...but I know better than to ignore a storm warning! So I am headed to Target tomorrow to pick up a few essentials and I'm getting some groceries tonight. Wednesday I am off and headed to Jenny Craig and also meeting with my therapist, so I hope its not so bad that I can't get there! If that's the case, never fear. I have cereal and milk for breakfasts, I have boca burgers, I got some La Tortilla Factory high fiber wraps and have some chicken that I can cook up. I will be fine without my Jenny Craig food for a few days!

Nothing else really happening here. I went out Saturday and I stuck to plan. I did have some cheesecake for dessert but...I'm not too concerned. However I did get LOST on my way home. I don't know what the heck was wrong with me. I hadn't had anything to drink (I never drink and drive) and I've driven this way probably 50 times in my life...but that night I got on the highway going the opposite way of where I wanted to go. It took me a WHILE before I realized it too. WTH! Maybe because it was dark and I was tired? I have no idea. But it was embarassing. I felt like an idiot!

The bloody blister on my foot is still really hanging on. It was itching really bad and so I scratched it...that caused it to open up again. It's still super painful but getting better. Let's look at my goals for last week and make some new ones!


1) Use moisturizer every day - my legs, hands and lips are chapped I think because of the weather and he cold, plus different water. They need some TLC! 
2) Go to bed by 10pm every night - I could use the extra sleep!

3) Catch up on the TV that I missed while in Italy - Got a few shows to watch, woohoo!


Due to bloody blister at the bottom of my food, I'm going to set some very small exercise goals.

1) Bike 2x this week - I tried on Friday but I need to replace my sneakers.

2) Walk every day

1) As always, track on Sparkpeople. Drink water!
2) Eat 5 servings of fruit/veggies per day - did this 5 out of 7 days...needs work.

3) Try one new recipe and post it on my blog! - I was fighting jet lag so badly, I'm sorry! Except TWO RECIPES this week to make up for it!

Okay so onto this week's goals!!!


1)  Buy new scrubs.... it's way past time for me to get new ones.

2) Continue moisturizing every day x 7 days

3)  Get 8 hours of sleep each night!


1) Buy a new pair of sneakers ASAP!

2) Walk every Day x 7 days

3) 30DS x 1

4) Bike x 2


1) Make and post TWO recipes on my blog!

2) Track on sparkpeople

3) Eat 5 fruits/veggies per day!

:D Have a good day everyone!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Bliss!

Wow, am I glad its the weekend or what...

This is me right now:

I am seriously doing a happy dance that I finally get time to clean, do laundry, and relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am actually excited about cleaning. I got up around 8:30am and immediately preheated the oven. Jenny Craig came out with a Florentine Breakfast Pizza and I had heard through the grapevine that making them in the oven was better than microwaving. I'm a firm believer that cooking something in the oven is ALWAYS better than the microwave. And I make the effort to use my oven over my microwave whenever its feasible for me! Preheating my oven takes approx 3-5 minutes, then cooking time was 25-30. So while my oven preheated, I started cleaning...then I put the pizzas in the oven andmarathon cleaned!!!

Bleached the toilet and cleaned around the sink, threw away old papers and mail (which came in a big  bundle from the post office after I returned home from Italy), did the dishes, put things in the dishwasher, wiped down in the living room with Windex...and took out the garbage. By the time my breakfast was ready, I had worked up a fine sweat and things were clean! Basically all I need to do now is vaccuum and do the laundry...but my roommate's room is the laundry room and he's not awake yet. Yes, it is almost 11am now...and yes I do have 2 loads of clothes AND a load of sheets to do... I decided to write a blog post instead.

Tonight I'm going out with some friends for dinner, which I'm super excited about :D! We're going to my favorite Jewish deli (which is right near where my friends live, and they love it too). I already put my favorite dinner into my Sparkpeople calorie counter for the day and I am well within goals! With my Jenny Craig breakfast pizza and a baked potato for lunch, I can enjoy my dinner without any guilt. I also have a planned snack of hummus and carrots to tide me over because dinner tonight will be at 8pm, which is late for me. But not later that I was eating in Italy, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm setting myself up for success and it feels good! I even have a few calorie saved in case someone wants to share dessert ;). But I'm usually so full after my meal, I can skip it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can it be Friday yet?

Man I am EXHAUSTED. I've been going to bed by 9pm every night because my energy is sapped. Now, I do get up around 5:30am every day feeling very awake but by 2pm, I feel like I'm going to pass out. And I'm still having vertigo spells, especially in the evening...I think it's just a culmination of working so much. Basically each day I've been out and about by 6:30am and I've been working until 5pm every night. Those are long days...and I find my energy is just gone. Thank you Jet Lag.

I have been walking every day but so far, no bike. My sneakers are broken...in the  back at my heel the plastic or somthing has popped through the fabric and is like a knife. It's SO sharp!!! I actually cut my FINGER putting the shoes on. So I'm back to an ugly old pair that does NOT fit well, so my feet are really sore. I need to go this weekend and get some good, new sneakers. The blister I have is healing but it's still painful to walk. It's not so back once I get moving but starting to walk and then when I slow down...ouch. Bleh.

Tomorrow I have another long day, I'm super exhausted and my head is POUNDING right now. I just cannot wait for the weekend to rest and relax, phew!

Food wise things have been going well. I had a few "splurges". I put them in quotes because I haven't gone over my calorie allottment, they're just thing I haven't planned but put into my plan after the fact. One was I got a skinny mocha latte at Starbucks; they're 110 calories in a tall. My reivew? DISGUSTING. It tasted like a hot slim fast shake...I couldn't even finish it. NASTY. It was chalky and foul...do NOT reccomend this to anyone. And I tried it cold today to see if it was any better...nope. I couldn't even drink it. Bleh. And the other "splurge" was a coworker made DELICIOUS raisin bran muffins...she offered them to me and she was very proud of them. I ate 1/4 of the muffin and not a bite more, I was very proud! THen I put it in my calorie counter on Sparkpeople and stayed totally on plan. Not a problem at all. And I totally bypassed the old donuts and bagels that they're begging people to take, haha, not tempted at all! Go me!

That's about it for now...I just have to get through tomorrow. TGIF!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday


Woo! I never really understood why they called it Fat Tuesday. So I decided to look it up. After some research, I still don't really get it. But mostly it denotes that before the fasting of the Lenten season, people would feast. Thus, FAT tuesday. I don't know if I am celebrating this holiday...but my stomach seems to be. I am RAVENOUS today. UGH!

It started early this morning when I got up to go back to work. Suprisingly, I was very awake at 5:30am and STARVING. I ate my Jenny Craig breakfast and headed off to work. At around 9am I made it to the office to pick up my computer. You'll all be really proud of me, there were donuts AND bagels in the office...and I resisted them both! I just told myself, 'You already ate your breakfast' and walked away. HUGE NSV for me...because I was super hungry and really wanted a bagel. But I drank a big glass of water instead and headed off on my way. I ate my snack around 10am...and then about half an hour later I ate the snack that I planned for later in the day because I was SO hungry even though I drank 16oz of water. I continued on my day and I finally got my Jenny Craig lunch which was delicious. But now its 4:15pm and I'm ready to chew my fists! And I'm drinking lots of water but man, my stomach is growling so much. I feel ravenous, yikes!

I'm not really sure why I'm so hungry today...could be because my eating habits are all different from my vacation. And the times I'm eating are very different. Could also be part of jet lag. But in any event, I'm working really hard to make good choices in the face of this really bad hunger!

I hope everyone has a good day! Enjoy your pancakes, if you're British, and drink carefully if you're going out tonight to enjoy the festivals!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Post-Holiday Weigh in Monday

It's been quite a busy couple days and today is no exception. I have laundry up to my eyeballs, grocery shopping, going to Jenny Craig, getting things organized for work tomorrow (I don't want to go back, waa!). And this is while dealing with some wicked jet lag...last night I went to bed around 9 and I didn't move until 9am this morning. Which was an annoyance because I listened to my messages and the Jenny Craig appointment I had made for 10:45am magically changed itself to 9am. I called my consultant and was like "Sorry, I thought I had a later appointment" and she said she thought she moved me...but in any case, they slipped me in at 10:15am.

I ate chinese food last night for dinner...which was super salty. And my legs are still swollen from travelling...but you know what?


Starting Weight: 267.4
Weigh In: 266.2 (-1.2lbs)
Target Weight: 240
Pounds Until Goal: 26.2

Holy moley! I mean, I know I got a ton of exercise in Italy...but wow, over a pound lost with all the travelling AND a splurge dinner last night? I'm a happy woman! I am back on my Jenny Craig plan and feeling awesome. I really enjoyed my Breakfast Scramble for breakfast. One thing about Italy is that they DO NOT eat breakfast. You can't get an egg or whatever...they eat brioche and some kind of coffee. I totally missed my breakfasts. And then they eat lunch at like 2pm. That's a long time for me to go...I'm sooo happy that I can eat at regular intervals. It makes me feel better, a TON better.

I'm right in the 260s now and that makes me happy! I'm heading in the right direction and feeling great! So it's time to set some goals for the week!!!

Also, I have a gigantic bloody blister on my foot...it started in Italy and now it's horrible looking and very painful. It's kind of hard for me to walk on it without really feeling it. Therefore exercise is going to be a little hard. I need to take it easy and let this thing heal...


1) Use moisturizer every day - my legs, hands and lips are chapped I think because of the weather and he cold, plus different water. They need some  TLC!

2)  Go to bed by 10pm every night - I could use the extra sleep!

3) Catch up on the TV that I missed while in Italy - Got a few shows to watch, woohoo!


Due to bloody blister at the bottom of my food, I'm going to set some very small exercise goals.

1) Bike 2x this week

2) Walk every day


1) As always, track on Sparkpeople. Drink water!

2) Eat 5 servings of fruit/veggies per day

3) Try one new recipe and post it on my blog!

Sorry this is so general, I still feel like my head is spinning off. I need to rest and relax...wish I had the time!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hi everyone!!!!!!

I made it back to the US last night...after some fun, wicked, and wild times! This trip has been amazing! And I know you're all looking forward to the pictures! I have over 600 of them, just for you! Haha, I was a good little picture taker! I'll post the slideshow below for your enjoyment ;).

In any event, this whole trip has been filled with so much! I have learned quite a few things about myself too...like, for example, I suck at using maps. And I have a very poor sense of direction. I also will never, ever go hosteling again. If you want to talk about exercise...I got some over this vacation. Lugging a 50 pound bag up 4 or more flights of stairs then taking those same stairs three or four times a day. Climbing up every stair in Italy, sometimes 1000 stairs a DAY! Walking miles and miles every day...it sure made up for all the pizza and gelato I ate, woof! Haha. I go to my weigh in tomorrow at Jenny Craig and I'm not sure what'll it'll hold. But believe me, I feel like I've been running for weeks without stopping!

Today I'm tired and very headachy...my stomach is also turned upside down. I think it has to do with so much travelling and changing time zones. Yesterday was a crazy, crazy day coming back to the US. It started at 4am in Milan and I got home around 6pm to the US...that's over 18 hours of travelling. OI! And included in that trip was a woman who slipped in grease and fell, so I helped her. There was a baby in a stroller who was dropped down the escalator...helped with that too. And being the purser for my flight from Quebec to Bradley (the airport near my home). My luggage was stored up in the crew cabin, and I was literally 1 foot behind the pilot. I could reach out and touch him, I had a few window view from from the seat I was in...AND I was responsible for operating the cabin door. And having had been travelling for over 16 hours at that point I slap-happily gave the safety information in English. It was a little crazy. Not to mention when I was on the plane home, the first mate on our plane happily told me that he thought my English was excellent. I didn't know what to say...so I just said thank you, lol. I don't know where he thought I was from! Perhaps because I transferred in on the flight from Frankfurt to Quebec, he thought I was German?? The flight attendant sure thought I was German...thankfully I know enough to ask for some tea, decline the cream and sugar, and say thank you.

On the way home I also got stopped through customs...my name booming over the loudspeaker. And everyone who I was waiting with was dismissed to go through customs while I was asked to stay behind. Seriously, they made it sound like I had a bomb. What actually happened was that when my luggage was transferred (First from Milan through Frankfurt, then from Frankfurt to Quebec...) someone transcribed the number wrong. So they couldn't identify my luggage. They actually had to bring my luggage OUT of the hold and I had to identify it to four different people! Yes, four. They just kept asking me "Is that your bag? Are you sure that's your bag?" I had TWO LUGGAGE tags on it that said my name and if they want to check inside I had a tag INSIDE that stated my name, a reccomendation from a travel website in case the tags got ripped off. Thankfully though me and my luggage got home safely.

The trip itself was a whirlwind. Beginning in Milan, we went to Naples, Rome, Florence, Verona, Venice and Verenna. I saw so many beautiful sights and learned so much! I have to say if I did anything different, it would be to spend more time exploring each place. Two weeks seems like a long time...to take off work, that is. But in reality I felt like most of what I was doing was travelling! Planes, trains, automobiles! There was very little time to relax...and my head is still spinning from all the movement.

You're probably wondering what my FAVORITE thing was in Italy...and I have a few I'll share. The first was in Naploli, my sister and I stayed at a hostel called Giovanni's Home. The owner Giovanni is amazing...he gave us a detailed outlined map of how to see Naples perfectly in 2 days, he showed us what areas to avoid (due to the mafia, no kidding) and we made a ton of new friends with the people staying there! The sights were amazing and the company was grand, not to mention Giovanni cooked for us and it was literally the best food in Italy that I had. He also told us the best pizza place in Napoli! And it's hilarious because everyone we talked to in Napoli knew exactly where it was. A wonderful local place!

The next favorite thing I did was the Night Tour in Rome with my sister. If you go to Rome, please do this. It's a ghost and mystery tour led by a guide (not that expensive, promise). He took us in all the dark back corners and showed us beautiful, mysterious things, told us legends and we got to see the city lit up at night. It was fantastic! Rome can be very touristy and if you like to learn things and see a whole different side of the city that (almost) no one knows about, this is for you! And don't worry, it's not scary, it's wonderful!

Next another favorite was Venice...oh, I love Venice. The water and the city...it was VERY CROWDED because of Carnival but oh I loved it. Don't get me wrong I adored Florence and Verona too. But there's something about Venice that I fell in love with!

Last but NOT least, was Verenna. My sister and I signed up to do this awesome cooking class and it was the best. I made homemade pasta, this porcini mushroom chicken with wine, saffron risotto...and it was amazing. It's right outside of Milan in the Lake Como area but it's this tiny tucked away spot. And the view was fantastic. Amazing!

And now...the PICTURES! I am not a photographer...so yeah, sorry about some of these! But I think overall they're awesome! ENJOY!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ciao Bellas!

Well friends,

It's time for me to say so long! I've had a lot of ups and downs these last few weeks...so now it's time for me to relax, focus on myself and have a good time it Italy. I have to admit, I'm very excited but I'm also a little nervous. I'm not sure if I have to pick up my bags between flights. I've never travelled internationally like this. When I went to Ireland I went with an experienced tour group and guides who had done this over 30 times. They knew the drill for sure! And the flight was nonstop, so there was no needing (or not needing) to pick up luggage between flights. So that is new and nervewracking! But I have plenty of time between my flights to figure it all out, so I'm not TOO worried about that.

My goal on this trip is to have fun, spend time with my sister, see the sights and enjoy the food! I will be getting a TON of activity, so I'm not concerned about anything. I have decided after MUCH debate to bring my pedometer. However, I have checked the heart rate monitor in my bag but am wearing the watch (I don't have a watch so this is perfect). Other goals include taking tons of great pictures and not getting a sunburn. I am very fair and burn very easily...sunscreen is packed in my bag!

Aunt Flow decided to crash this party last night...but honestly, I'm a little relieved. She didn't come last month! YIKES! But here she is, right on time this month...I am a little crampy but I have some medicine if the cramps become bad and I packed tons of pads. So hopefully she won't be an issue!

I pray that all of you have a wonderful couple weeks. I shall see you upon my return!


Also, I'll leave you with my pictures from Ireland to tide you over for Italy!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


FINALLY things are coming together for my vacation and I literally could not be any happier. Last night...I did something bad. I really didn't eat anything in the morning because I was so stressed I felt sick. Then for lunch I ate my breakfast which was a light scone that I made by tailoring one of Gina's Skinny Recipes to use what I had on hand! And then I ate a cupcake because they brought them in for my birthday and I couldn't be rude! But then I came home, I made my Jenny Craig dinner...and then around 8pm hunger struck. And I was in a delerious mixed state of being overwhelmed with thinking of my trip and relaxed from the day, and they had all these Superbowl food commercials on...I made a bad choice. I binged...

I haven't done this in a long time. I've been keeping a tight rein on it but there was this little voice inside my head telling me 'but you deserve a treat, you've been doing so well...and you really didn't eat that much today'. Needless to say...that little voice has been executed and I don't want to hear from it ever again. But that's behind me and I started my day off early today with a goal in mind!

I got up at quarter to eight and immediately was in CLEANING MODE. I started in my bedroom and made up the bed, I got my suitcase on the bed with everything to go in it AND my handy dandy list so I could cross things off as they went in. Then I picked up all the other stuff and hung it up or tossed it out. Then I went to the living room and cleaned up the old magazines and papers, and brought in last night's shameful binge dishes :(. Then I clenaed the kitchen from top to bottom, dusted all over the house, vaccuumed and washed all the floors! Thank you Swiffer, that's all I can say. Then I took out the trash...which entails going down three flights of stairs, out the door and walking all the way down with garbage in hands. I tossed it out then ran! I ran uphill (pretty steep incline!) and back up the three flights of stairs to my condo! WOO! Then I drank two glasses of water and went into the bathroom. I bleached the crap out of the tub, sink and toilet, grabbed the laundry and started doing that while I finished cleaning the bathroom. It's 10 am at this point and I've been cleaning like crazy for at least 2 hours. And I'm sweating like a piggie in heat!!

But it doesn't end there! THEN I packed and repacked my suitcase...with EVERYTHING I needed inside. I was very worried because the maximum suitcase weight is 50lbs or you get charged the next size up (like 89 dollars to bring a suitcase as opposed to 25). Thank You GOD it was only 39.5 packed and some of the items currently in my suitcase are FOR my sister and will be staying with her.

And that got me thinking...my suitcase is 39.5 pounds...and I've lost 42.6 pounds. And you know what? I thought that suitcase was heavy when I tried carrying it around. I have been carrying around more weight than that on my body...and now its GONE! HOLY SMOKES! That really puts things in perspective! I challenge all of you to pack a suitcase full until it weighs as much as you you have lost since you started...and marvel at the change! YOU ALL ROCK!

Once the laundry finishes, I definitely need a shower, woof! But I hope that all of you have a lovely day and I will check in tomorrow before it's time to go! <3

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday!!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!

I am soooo happy that today is over...

I did not sleep one second last night. I was tossing and turning and worrying about everything from my crammed up schedule at work to getting all my charting done and my patients settled to the suitcase that was supposed to be delievered that afternoon. Were my patients going to be okay without me? Was my boss going to think I did a good job in my performance reivew? Was I going to cry from the pressure? Would the suitcase arrive on time? And even if it did, DO I HAVE TO SIGN FOR IT!? I was so sick with worry today I almost couldn't go to work...I was sitting in my bed, blankets wrapped all around my until I finally couldn't stand it anymore and took a long, hot shower. The shower really helped, actually, and I got changed and packed my breakfast.

I was so nauseated I could not eat a thing. I had two patients to see before my performance review and one of the per diem nurses we have, her kids were sick from school so I had to add her patient onto my already loaded schedule!! By that time I was in my review with my boss and I did very well, she's happy with my performance. After that I was RUNNING all over my workplace, by the time I was done I was sweating bullets. Then I had to return to the office and do this bogus skills lab...on top of charting, updating my boss on my patients who needed to be taken over PLUS giving the nurses who were taking over my patients report, calling doctors and families, and...it was insane. But I got it done...and I got home in time to get my suitcase and...

IT IS PERFECT! It's lightweight, a beautiful RED color, and fits everything I needed to bring AND I could add in the extra pair of jeans and sweater I had to eliminate because not everything fit in the suitcase. I never realized how small that one was until I got this one. It's a 27.5 inch suitcase but it's just great. I can't say enough nice things about it!

Really great suitcase if anyone's looking for a lightweight, sturdy piece of luggage!!! I'll let you know how it holds up after travelling but I have another swissgear piece of luggage (Smaller) that is amazing!

I feel so much more relaxed now... food has been good. Even though I oculd barely eat. I had my breakfast for lunch and then they brought in cupcakes for mine and another nurse's birthday so I had one. I put it all in Sparkpeople and tracked it. It was a lemon cupcake with a rasperry jam filling, it was small but I estimated its calories to be around 260. I think I grossly overestimated but...that's okay, I'd rather be safe than sorry!

I feel better now and I hope eveyrone has a GREAT weekend! I'll be updating right up until I go <3 Hopefully nothing will crop up in that time!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Freaking. Out.

I am super stressed right now...and I need to get some things off my chest.

I cannot stand when my boss loads up my plate right before I leave on vacation. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have even tried to take one day off -- let alone a big vacation like this-- she starts piling crap on my plate. I am so overwhelmed I can hardly breathe right now. The suitcase I was going to use for Italy, the zipper ripped and not all of my things fit in it. BIG PROBLEM! I went all over the place and nobody had a suitcase in the size I need so I had to rush order a suitcase from Target and PRAY that it gets here on time!!!!!!! In addition I have my boss calling me every hour telling me things that I need to do before I go including some bullshit skills lab that everyone has to do and I apparantly have to do it tomorrow when I already have visits to do, doctors to call, families to update and then finish all my charting, give report to the nurses taking over my patients, and drop off my computer at the office to be connected while I'm away. And my supervisor is coming with me on a visit again on Friday...so annoying. I feel like I'm going to explode I have so much on my plate!

Right now my head is pounding, I'm scrambling around trying to make last minute arrangements... and I feel sick to my stomach. I don't feel like eating. I made a Jenny Craig chicken sandwich for lunch and I could only eat half before I felt like I was going to hurl. Stress is such a powerful thing and really messes with a body, that much is for sure. I'm trying to combat this with lots of fluids, major deep breathing, Excedrin, and distraction.

So, I'm going to try and stop freaking out...get through tomorrow and then ENJOY MY VACATION.

But in the meantime. AHHHHHHH!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wacky Weigh in Wednesday

There has been a lot of deep breathing exercises going on over here... it's only a bit after noon and I've been running around like crazy. I was up early and headed to my Jenny Craig appointment to weigh in. Didn't buy any food today but I still have plenty for this week and I'm going the day after I get home, so I'm not too concerned about that. It was a quick in and out because I had my weigh in at 9am and had my psychologist appointment at 10 and they're about 30 minutes away from each other. Plus I hadn't eaten breakfast and wanted to sit down and have a quick one before I went.

It all worked out perfect. My weigh in only took about 5 minutes, so then I headed home, got gas in my car, had a lovely Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich (one of my absolute favorites) and headed out to see my therapist with a few minutes to spare! The first 20 minutes were spent figuring out an insurance issue...which kinda annoyed me. I paid for that time... but whatever. I really find it immensly helpful to talk things out. After that I jetted over to Target and purchased some items my sister needed and some last minute travel items (plus trash bags since I was out). Then it was on home to start the laundry, I have everything half packed at this point and the rest laying beside the suitcase to be folded.

I still feel like I have a million things to do...but I'm taking a lunch break and a time to blog about my day! Having a boca chicken patty and some sweet potato fries for lunch. Have one patty and about 1.5 servings of sweet potato fries left, thinking that might be dinner tomorrow! I went to Target tody and it's right next to Chilis...I kept smelling the food and started calculating in my head my calories and such. But then I remembered my no eating out goal...and wanting to save that money for Italy! And I got right in my car and drove away, no second thoughts. Besides my chicken patty lunch tasted amazing so I am not complaining at all!!!!!!

So now for the big reveal...

Starting Weight: 271
Weigh In: 267.4
Target Weight: 240
Pounds Until Goal: 27.4

This is my final weigh in before vacation but honestly I have so much activity planned even with splurges in Italy (and they cook totally different there than here) I am not concerned. I hope I see  loss when I come home!!!!!!!!!! I'll keep you updated as the week goes on, I need to get some of my stress out! SO MUCH TO DO! SO LITTLE TIME!

Happy Wednesday!