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I'm Kate. I'm 25 and a busy nurse journeying through life! I'm restarting my weight loss journey! I started off with Jenny Craig but now I'm doing it on my own with the support of my beautiful bloggy friends!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sore doesn't even begin to describe how badly I am hurting right now! After my first run I could hardly walk for the next two days. And I was still sore this morning...it was grey and gross but I made myself get up and go running YAY FOR ME! I actually GREATLY improved my running time, I almost can't believe it! I have this program on my phone and have been using that...and I think it lost signal. A few times it told me that I had run 0 miles even when walking. And it told me my pace for a mile was 4 minutes and 24 seconds. Haha...I was over 15 minutes last time. I think that might be a little too good to be true! Otherwise...OLYMPICS HERE I COME. lol. In any event I felt like I was running faster and felt stronger.

Food wise I didn't do horrible this weekend, I definitely could've done better. I weighed in for the biggest loser and was down a little bit, not as much as I would like. The scale said 264.3 today. A loss of 1.1lbs! I feel like this would've been mre because I was so great during the week but I am definitely building muscle. I can already see a difference in my legs and thighs! They are tight from muscle soreness but definitely I feel like I'm going to be much more toned after I finish training for this 5k!

Fingers crossed my 1.1 pounds is enough to win the Biggest Loser challenge this week, lol. I definitely need groceries BADLY.

This weekend I bought a new car! My Ford Focus was getting up there in age and was really not doing everything I needed it to do. I travel a lot for work, I am constantly in the car in rain, sleet, snow, hail, and sunshine. I needed a car with 4WD that had the space for my medical supplies and such that I need. And after doing a ton of research and planning, I decided to buy a Toyota Rav4! I really like the car, its perfect, it's a small SUV but definitely not a hulking one like some of them I looked at! Gas mileage isn't too bad either! All around its a great car for homecare and I love it!!! ANd I got 0.0% for 60 months so...that cannot be beat either! Memorial Day is a great time to buy a car!

So today I am relaxing, doing laundry and getting things done around the house. I'm also going to see my LCSW for the first time in over 6 weeks WOW! It'll be good to talk things out!
I leave you with another sweaty picture of myself... enjoy!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Ladies and gentleman...I'm proud to present...

SWEATY! And breathing hard but feeling GOOD!
Yes! I did a 5K today. I started the C25K program and I was following a 5K route. So although the program finished at 1.19 miles, I was still on the trail!! So I briskly walked (And did a little bit extra jogging) back to the start!! WOOHOO! I went with my mom and her friend Margaret who are running the Ironhorse 5K next Sunday. And I'm planning on signing up for the ING 5K in October. I feel like at that time I will sucessfully have completed the C25K program and will be running 5Ks and improving my time! Anyone in the CT area (or even MA, RI, NY who want to com down) I'd love if you want to join me! Rock it!

So before my run I had 2 veggie sausages and I felt awesome when I was running. I felt it was the pefect fuel for me. And then afterwards I cooled down and we went over to Starbucks for a coffee. Tracking my food is going excellent, I'm making food choices...

That biggest loser contest at work won't know what hit them!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day! And for my friends abroad, have a lovely Sunday! <3

Final Stats on my Run (ONLY WITH THE C25K PROGRAM):

Overall Pace: 15:33
Overall Distance: 1.19 Miles
Time: 18:30
Fastest Interval: 12:05
Longest Interval: 0.10 miles

It's a start!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 1 Biggest Loser Challenge


I had to weigh in today and I was not happy with the result. I do have to say that when I weighed in I was fully dressed and had shoes on, plus I'd eaten breakfast and drank 2 cups of a homemade iced coffee that I made myself...so maybe it's not 100% accurate but... I weighed in at 265.0 today. That is over 10 pounds over what I was at the start of this month. NOT GOOD. I need to get my ass in gear! I have a new phone so I downloaded the couch25k app and I'm planning on starting that and really focusing on making good choices on the weekend. I do SO GOOD during the week. I'm a saint! But when the weekend comes...not good. This weekend is going to be a little splurgy because its memorial day and I' mspending it with family and we're having a BBQ on MOnday. But  don't need to go nuts the whole weekend! That is just not necessary!

Weigh ins will resume on Wednesday and I am excited to KICK BUTT IN THIS CHALLENGE! I paid $20 and every week the 'biggest loser' wins a 10 dollar giftcard to stop and shop. ANd then the 1st place winner at the end gets a $100 giftcard of your choice. AND I WANNA WIN!!!!!!! :D

Let's get back on track! I CAN DO THIS!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Motivation!

God I just love this new job more and more! I have new motivation coming my way as I'm joining our office's BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE!

I go in tomorrow to get weighed...yes, I know its no weigh may but I feel like this challenge will be good for me. I'll have a starting point and KICK BUTT! You put in 20 dollars and every week there's a winner, who gets a 10 dollar giftcard to a local grocery store to help offset some of the healthy food they're buying!! There's also free nutritionist counseling if I want it...and I'm going to sign up! I CAN'T WAIT!

I think this is just what I need to get my butt moving. I have been doing really well with eating the last few days. I have been eating hummus and veggies, turkey pepperoni and whole grain crackers for a lunch with a 90 calorie special K bar for a midmorning snack. I finished up all my veggies so tomorrow I'm having a sandwich on light bread with 1 tbsp hummus as a spread ( TRY this in place of mayo, I use Sabra Roasted Garlic hummus PACKED with protein and fiber and half the fat of mayo), and 2 slices of thin turkey breast and 1oz of popchips. I also have special K chocolatey pretzel bar for snack. And tonight I am making pork chops, thin cut from a sparkpeople recipe that I'll share later on if its good! I'm serving this with some sweet potato fries, yum yum!

I feel great and I feel like I'm back on track!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Motivation has been a really big problem for me this month...I do pretty well about 80% of the time...but the other 20% I've been making bad food choices. I especially am struggling on the weekends lately. I have been spending more time with friends and family, and with that seems to come food. I try and increase activity on those days but...I don't know. I'm doing No Weigh May and I'm thinking that after that (I'm expecting a big gain, UGH I am trying to get msyelf back on track) I NEED to do weekly weigh ins to keep myself honest. And I haven't been doing well with the RFSC because I feel like I have NO time. I'm LOVING the new job and I feel GREAT about it. I just am having a lot of knowledge crammed in my head, my brother is home for the summer and having some medical troubles, plus my grandparents came down this weekend...

AHHH! So much to do, so little time!

And this upcoming weekend is Memorial Day so I'll be with family at BBQs and parties. So I need to really work on making good choices...like I said, during the week I do fantastic. I make awesome choices and I'm active. But the weekends I tend to eat out or go a little overboard. Although to my credit, I did only ONE big splurge this weekend on Wednesday! So I did stick to that goal...

But this requires some real working and ANY TIPS FOR MOTIVATION WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

I have found some healthy things that I LOVE!

One would be 3/4 cup Peanut Butter Multigrain Cheerios with 1/2 cup light vanilla soymilk and 1/2 sliced banana. SO YUMMY!

The other is a Light Mocha Coconut Frappacino! IT TAKES LIKE A SAMOA GIRL SCOUT COOKIE! SO YUMMY!

160 calories and 0.5 g of fat in a grande...and it is AMAZING. I brought my own to-go cup AND got a discount. Healthy and discounted. WOO.

Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RFSC Goals

Work work work! I'm loving my new job so far. Everyone is so wonderful, especially my supervisor! I have loved everyone I've met and I like how organized everything is compared to my last job. I'm a happy camper! :D  But I've been very busy! Over this weekend I had my mother over Friday, then Saturday I went to a bonfire with some friends and stayed over my parents', then Sunday I spent the day with my mom including getting a new phone (Which has to be shipped to me AND I was told would be here by today!). I've noted a pattern in myself...during the week I am fantastic at healthy eating, meal planning and exercise. But come the weekend, especially the last two weekends, I just go off the rails. I don't track, I don't make very good choices. On Saturday I ended up eating out every meal, crap! And on Sunday I did take a big 4 mile walk but we went out to lunch for mother's day! Not good...I am not weighing in May but I don't feel like I'm losing anything. I feel like I'm gaining and this needs to stop!

Let's looka at last week!


1) Get everything in order for the new job/stay on top of paperwork!

2) Finish Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries - I've been watching this show...I need to finish it up this week.
3) Get a Pedicure - I've been due for one for a while! - I didn't have a chance to go and I'm trying to save $




1) STAY ON PLAN!!!!!!!!!!! Track RELIGIOUSLY on Sparkpeople! Nope. Did GREAT until Saturday.

2) 64oz of water Daily - I have been SLACKING.

3) Pack healthy lunches and do not rely on Au Bon Pain right across the street...
Packed a healthy lunch EVERY DAY! Hummus and veggies Woo!


1) Walk x 7 Days
2) Exercise Bike x 2 days

3) Weights x 1

* Everything was lacking last week. I need to get on it! Here are my goals for this week.


1) Send out bills/condo fee/wedding invitations! I have to send them out TODAY!

2) Watch Glee Season Finale.

3)  Read a book!




1) STAY ON PLAN!!!!!!!!!!! Track RELIGIOUSLY on Sparkpeople!

2) 64oz of water Daily - I have been SLACKING.

3) ONE splurge allowed per week


1) Walk x 7 Days

2) Housewife Workout!

3) Weights x 1

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Letter to Myself!

Dear Katelyn,

Did you ever think you'd make it this far? Did you ever believe that after 10 months you'd have lost over 55 pounds and be at a weight you haven't seen since early high school? Well, I always believed it, deep down! It's taken you some time to come to terms with things. It's taken a few attempts to be READY to get healthy and accept that you are worth it! This journey isn't about becoming skinny. We both know that 'skinny' and 'healthy' are two very different things. Skinny is a disease...something you see in the media, something that people use to judge us by. Healthy is a state of being, it's not just weight but emotional health, activity level, happiness, acceptance of self, spirituality/belief system, and a support network! Healthy is where you've been working so hard to get!

Today you are wearing a size 16/18. On July 13th, 2011 you couldn't get a pair of 26/28 pants on and you were wearing a size 3XL scrubs! Now you have cute scrubs in an XL that are getting baggy on you! You started seeing a counsler who has helped you work through changes in your life and feel happier. You embraced a new relationship and then when you found that it wasn't right for you, you let it go without feeling inadequate or upset, like no one could ever want you again. You make healthier choices now and exercise regularly! You take the stairs instead of the elevator! Your last bloodwork showed healthy cholesterol levels, healthy bloodsugar, and general good health!!! Your new habits are improving your quality and quantity of life.

You still have a long road ahead. This is a journey you will be on for the rest of your life. But look how far you've already come!

November 2011- Ireland

May 2012 - Newport
Keep up the good work and keep your eye on the prize!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness

Well all!

I've started my new job and I love it so far. This place is so supportive and I feel like this is such a positive change. I love everyone I'm in orientation with even though they're in different offices. There is one woman who is in my office! She seems nice although I haven't had much of an oppertunity to talk to her. She was late and sits way in the back...I, on the other hand, have always been Miss Front and Center. Hahaha.I just enjoy everyone's company and although the days are long, it's informative and I like the company a lot! The orientation is veryyyy comprehensive, not at all like my last job! So far so good, I can't wait to get into the visits and get some patients of my own! I miss seeing patients on a daily basis <3

In other news, Brian and I dated for a while but after going to a party together last weekend, I broke it off. I took him to a party to meet some of my friends and it was completely a disaster. He made the hosts feel uncomfortable, he was stuck to my side until I finally was able to break away but he kept following me around, making inappropriate smalltalk with people (about things you wouldn't discuss with ANYONE let alone people you just met) and on top of it made me drive him back to his car before 11:30...which is fine but it was very awkward. Needless to say I was raging mad and had to really rein in my anger and take some time to think about it before I broke it off. I'm not actually upset or anything...I'm kind of relieved. He wasn't the right one for me ESPECIALLY after I saw how he treated my friends!

So I'm starting off the month of May VERY happy and ready to rock! We'll see what the scale says come June!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Yes I am still alive! I'm sorry for the silence this week on my little corner of the blogosphere. I took a break from blogging and...good eating. I started off my week off from work in Newport with my mom. SUPER fun time!! We did a ton of walking and seeing the sights. I did some good shopping and we generally had a blast! I didn't get home until evening on Monday. Then Tuesday I got everything ready for my car...maintenence, going for emissions, fun fun! It was so rainy this last week too! Wednesday I had lunch with a friend and we went walking around. Then Thursday I was running around doing errands and meeting up with a friend from college. Then the Cinco De Mayo weekend was a lot of drinking and partying and woof...

I wasn't tracking at all. Sunday I took a GREAT 4mile walk with my mom and the girls. And man do they walk FAST! But it was great. So then TODAY I started my NEW JOB! YIPPEE!!! Already I love it...and its just orientation. Hooray!!!!!! It makes eating hard though because I can't come home and eat lunch and relax. Which means I have to PACK a lunch, yikes. So I'm going to trying to figure out some things I can make. I was thinking of bringing some pasta tomorrow with my homemade sauce and some salad along with it. I don't have too many groceries so I'm going to improvise until tomorrow when I'm getting some!!! Looks like tomorrow I have some hummus, crackers..I  do have some bagel thins and such I could spread on some hummus too. Ooooor I made some baked potatoes and could throw on some cheese, jalapeno and salsa for a yummy lunch! I have some options! :D

Anyway, I've decided that for the month of May...I'm not going to weigh in! Shala gave me the idea from reading her blog Follow Me Down! It is AWESOME and you should check it out! TOTALLY love the idea of No Weigh May! I need to get back on track and prior to this week I've been very scale obsessed. SO I will weigh in on Friday June 1st, WOOHOO! This will make my weight goal null for the Ready for Summer challenge ONLY for this month. Which means focusing on healthy eating and good exercise habits!

So here are my goals!


1) Get everything in order for the new job/stay on top of paperwork!

2) Finish Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries - I've been watching this show...I need to finish it up this week.

3) Get a Pedicure - I've been due for one for a while!




1) STAY ON PLAN!!!!!!!!!!! Track RELIGIOUSLY on Sparkpeople!

2) 64oz of water Daily - I have been SLACKING.

3) Pack healthy lunches and do not rely on Au Bon Pain right across the street...


1) Walk x 7 Days

2)  Exercise Bike x 2 days

3) Weights x 1