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Saturday, June 30, 2012

C25K W5D1

Holy Moley...

Is it HOT or what????

I got up extra early this morning and went for a run! I didn't take it easy on myself either! I decided to take all the hills and woof was that tough! I ran for 1.85 miles and burned 413 calories. WOO! I was drippinggggg with sweat after my run. It was dripping into my eyes and down my back...YUCK!

Objects in the mirror are just as pink as they appear...
It was an uphill battle convincing myself to go run. Last night I was having major anxiety about running by myself. What if I was mugged or accosted? I even had a dream I was abducted while running...believe me, my mind was playing tricks on me. This morning when my alarm went off, I felt good though and I told myself I better get my ass moving before it got dangerously hot and I could convince myself it was too hot to go out. It IS going to be too hot this afternoon to go running; I am very heat insensitive and that could be really bad for me!

After my run I took a shower and then made myself some breakfast. I was reading this article that said you need to eat carbohydates and protein, at a 4:1 ratio. That's 4 carb to 1 protein if you are running to lose weight. SO I had a Bagel Thin from Thomas' and some whipped cream cheese, which is exactly a 4:1 carb ratio with 24 carbs in the bagel + cream cheese and 6 g of protein. I feel good after eating it too and that's another key! Pluts LOTS OF WATER!!

Yesterday I stumbled across something that was motivating and I thought I'd share. This was one of the things that got me moving today:

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, June 29, 2012

New Design, New Start!

I decided it was time to change things up...struggling is not what I want to do. I have been eating great over the last 2 days...that's a start! Tomorrow I'm getting up nice and early to run because its going to be MEGAHOT and humid. SO I want to get my run in before it gets totally awful and horrible and sticky. After my run I'm going to shower and then its CLEAN THE HOUSE TIME. I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to having time to do it! Plus it's going to be horrible so staying inside where the AC is BLASTING sounds fantastic. I'll deep clean this place from top to bottom, get some laundry done, and woo!

Tonight I made a fantastic dinner! Shrimp stir fry and it took all of 5 minutes to put together...

1 cup of frozen veg plus 4oz of mushrooms I had in my fridge that I didn't want to go bad!

The veg was a frozen mix from Aldi that came with a sauce. There was 50 cals in 4oz of veg w/ sauce. SO I doubled that.


I had some frozen cooked shrimp in my freezer. I usually buy the uncooked but whatever! These cooked up great!

Cooked the veggies seperate for about 5-6 minutes. Then added the thawed cooked shrimp and 2 tablespoons of the sauce from the packet. VIOLA!

 Dinner was pretty amazing and mega easy. I really did NOT feel like cooking. Its VERY hot and believe me, it would've been so easy to just pick up a phone and get something...but I didn't! And I loooved my dinner. This Aldi frozen veggie package had baby corn, mushrooms (those big ones are the fresh ones I added though), water chestnuts (MY FAVE!), carrots, snap peas, red pepper and I think I saw a few pieces of onion...but it was so great!

Yay for yummy, healthy, easy meals! And for this whole giant meal (I was starving) it was 334 calories, 5g of fat and 51g of PROTEIN! HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus shrimp is very healthy (although is high in cholesterol, though has been proven in studies to actually raise HDL and lower triglycerides). I have 3 more servings of this to cool so for the next few days, I know what's for dinner!

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday! Starting C25K W5D1 tomorrow and I AM SO NERVOUS. And running by myself,EEK! I'll let you know how it goes! <3

Thursday, June 28, 2012


My motivation over...let's be honest...the last 3 months...has been slipping away from me. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because we're coming up on my one year anniversay of making a life change...or maybe its because I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my body and my life...or maybe...I don't know. Last night I was feeling hungry...which was stupid since I already ate an entire bag of chex mix after I had a healthy breakfast and lunch. But for some reason I ordered dinner and ate the whole thing...not something healthy but CRAP. And then I felt sick to my stomach. And unfortunately this isn't an isolated incident, it's happened a handful of times over the last couple months.

I don't know why...I sit back and I think about it and then I just get upset and I don't want to think about it anymore. I think it's another reason my weight hasn't gone anywhere over the last couple months either.

I feel ashamed about it...I don't like writing it now...but I feel like I have to. Today I ate very healthy and I feel good. But every day I feel like I am fighting against myself!! I am doing a great job with exercise. I am running and doing a lot more...and that makes me happy. I feel in that respect things are going well. But eating...that needs to really improve. I'm currently seeking motivation everywhere I can...

What helps you keep on track? How do I jump over this hurdle when it's me that's in the way!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I completed W4D3 on C25K and wow, I never believed I would get this far. Today I ran 1.9 miles in 25 minutes!!! That is ALMOST 2 miles which is 2/3 of the way to making 5K. Holy SMOKES! I can do this! I really can! This weekend kicks off Week 5 of the 9 week program :D. I have decided after a lot of consideration that I really can't run on Saturday AND Sunday. My knee (which I broke in high school) really hurts and I don't have very good runs on the second day. So in the spirit of training right and working my hardest, I will run 2x a week and that's been working great for me. up until this point!!

Weight has remained steady...I really need to get my ass in gear to lose the weight however I find that I am losing size and are fitting into smaller clothes so I don't really feel the scale is accurate as to my weight loss and muscle gain at this point! I'm trying not to get discouraged!

This weekend my mom is going to be away for a few weeks so I will be without a running partner. SO I need some good support from everyone. Making myself run is HARD but then when I finish I feel great...it's the getting there that's the hardest. SO any motivation or tips and tricks would be fantastic! I didn't get a picture of myself this morning because I got up a little bit late and was rushing around, then my mom and I went to Target and got some groceries and some bargains!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

C25K W4D2 + Big Spender!!! (pictures)

Hi all!

Happy Sunday! Man last night's bachelorette party was fantasic! I picked up my friend Courtney at 5 and we took the hour long drive down to Foxwoods. Holy moley what a place! There's like 5 entrances...we were driving up and I said to her "I think we just entered Oz."

This picture doesn't do it justice but the whole building has a green hue to it...VERY Oz like. Anyway we went to this lovely steakhouse for dinner. SUPER expensive but soo yummy. I didn't drink at all because I was the designated driver but at some point I need to go back, get a hotel room and just get hammered...like everyone else at the casino. LOL. Here's my dinner!!

I didn't have any dessert or drinks and I did have a diet coke (because I wanted the caffiene for driving home later that night) so I think eating wise I did well! YAY! And I had a blast. I played the penny slots and I put in $20...came home with $46.70 so I turned a 26.70 profit! I'm not much of a gambler but it was my first time and it was fun! I definitely am conservative and as soon as I won, I cashed out.

I didn't sleep well last night. I stupidly listened to the weather channel and they said it was going to be cool at night...it was 82 and humid as hell in my house. So I couldn't get comfy even with a fan. And it was still hot and humid and sticky this morning at 6am so...I turned the air back on. I really can't stand the heat or humidity...


In any event, I didn't feel like getting up to run this morning...my knee was hurting a bit. But I got up and I pushed through week 4 day 2! Not my best time ever but definitely not my worst! So I did it...and I'm proud! Back to work tomorrow but it's going to be great!! <3 Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

C25K W4D1


Week four kicked my @$$ today! But I kicked it right back! It was so hard but guess what? I sucked it up and ended up running for 1.5 miles. HOLY CRAP! Thus far I have been working up toward the 3.1 miles but today, I'm nearly halfway! And I'm getting to halfway in my program. I was shocked today when I first started running...I didn't even feel tired until that second interval. I ran .28 miles without stopping, without feeling tired, without wanting to puke and fall over and maybe NOT get back up!!!! Holy crap! Now...some of you may be thinking .28 miles...that's barely 1/4 of a mile. Please. But I used to get winded WALKING a quarter of a mile. I used to not do any exercise at all...and now I am. YAY ME!

The scale has not moved...but I am fitting into a size 16 now comfortably AND today I tried on a size 14 dress and it FIT! (um...except for in the boobs but...they have always been too big for clothes, sigh). So I know that even thought the scale is going nowhere, I am getting smaller. I also noticed today (while in the bathroom, embarassing!!) that my thighs are so much smaller. They used to squish together but...now there's actually less of them and they don't jiggle as much. Yay for small steps!

Tomorrow I'm going running again...I'm doing well eating. Last night we went to Cheeseake Factory and I had the skinnylicious shrimp tacos (YUM) and then I did have some cheesecake but I didn't eat all of it! In fact I left 3/4 of it on the plate! Was it a splurge? Yes. But it's okay! Tonight I am going to a bachelorette so I know it will be another little splruge but I've already planned for it...and the 450 calories I burned running are going to work in my favor!

Not weight loss related...

I went to see Rock of Ages last night. Holy spit on a stick, Batman! I LOVED it! It was campy and fun and fresh. Everytime you thought it was too predictable, they threw a twist in there and you never saw it coming! HILARIOUS! I was laughing my ass off in the theatre and I would go see it again in a heartbeat! In fact, I plan on it! Best 10.50 I ever spent (on a movie). I totally reccomend it! If you don't know, 80s music has always been my favorite...and I just ADORED this movie. Rocking out t some bodacious tunes while I clean the house today! I'll leave you today with a sweaty picture of me and the trailer for those who have't seen it!!

Sun was RIGHT in my face LOL thus eyes closed. But I look happy huh?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

C25K W3D3 + Weigh in Wednesday

Let's start with my weigh in...exactly the damn same again this week. Which is a MIRACLE because I have been eating like crap. Why? I don't even know. I have been unable to control myself over the week... on Monday I didn't bring my lunch with me to work so consequently when I got home at 3pm, I was starving. Instead of eating healthy food, I ate pizza...damn it. Then on Tuesday there was candy at the office and I ate cowtails for breakfast instead of good brain food. Ugh. I am DEDICATED and back on track today. I took a REALLY HARD RUN this morning...

Running on the track is great because its flat and the ground is made of this rubbery material that helps cushion you when you run. It is not like running on the street...and today that's what I did. Not only on the street but up a couple BIG hills! This was a freaking HUGE challenge because when I went out to run at 7am, it was already 70 degrees and extremely humid. So humid that you couldn't even draw a good breath in. But you know what? I RAN. And I ran as hard as I could. Yes, up hills! Where I live is a very hilly area and the biggest challenge is this one straight uphill that of course I was doing a running interval during it, ouch! Still my time was NOT that bad and I ran over a mile this morning. Excellent!

I was very tired after my run but I have the AC blasting and YAY! It felt good. I was sweating so hard I took a picture AFTER my shower for you...and I still am alll red. Please note that in order to cool my condo, (I live on the third floor) I have to keep all the shades and curtains closed. It's actually a gorgeous sunny day out. And it was beautiful torun in despite the humidity.

I did get myself a little present today...although it is VERY necessary. The running pants I staarted in keep sliding down my butt. Like...to the point where I have to run and hold them up with the other hand. I've pulled the string as tight as they can go! And today I took to wearing a pair of Spanx that I had bought when I was at my highest weight...so they're kind of like just regular workout capris. They're not tight but they're also not falling off my booty. But at Target I got myself 2 pairs of running capris and I think it's going to be very helpful! At least now I don't have to do laundry EVERY time I want to run. I prefer to do laundry just once a week. I'm lazy like that...

Anyhow, remember to stay hydrated today if you're someplace that's hot. And enjoy this gorgous day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

C25K W3D2: Overachiever! (Pictures!!)

So... yesterday was kind of a big day for me! I ran in the AM and got my best time ever, then we decided to go check out the race route for my 5K. I am not exagerrating when I say that it's in the ghetto. If anyone in familliar with Hartford, CT...I am running on Capitol Avenue over near Hartford Correctional Center, down Park St where they shut it down for a shooting at least once a week, down Laurel over to Hudson Street and down THROUGH THE HIGHWAY ROTARY ON RAMP up to Bushnell Park. Holy crap. New Motivation for running the 5K: RUN FOR MY LIFE! Anyway, they're going to have it roped off and there are going to be cops...and I'm going to be super motivated NOT to be the last person through the finish line.

Then we went over to Elizabeth Park and it was GORGEOUS!

It was beautiful weather and I loved spending time outdoors. We had a lovely picnic. But man I was tired afterward. I went to bed early last night. Did not sleep well the last 2 nights...but I decided when I got up...I was going to go running again! So I did C25L W3D2 and...I got an even FASTER TIME! My mile has improved greatly! I ran 1.59 miles!! And my average mile pace was 14:11!!!!! WOW! I treated myself to a coffee after that! Here's a nice sweaty picture of me this AM! I feel proud that every time I run I get stronger AND faster!!

I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend. Happy Father's Day to all the dads and dads-to-be out there! Enjoy this gorgeous day!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Wow guys, I rocked my run this morning! I can't believe it! I woke up at 6:30am in a really bad mood. I did NOT want to go running. I didn't sleep that great last night...but I was like, I need to do it. I already feel behind because I can really only run on Wednesday and Saturdays, so I feel like I get behind on my weeks. But it's working great for me and I can't get discouraged. I'm at my parents' house this weekend to spend Father's Day with my family!

So I got my butt up and went to the track at my old high school. It may have been a combo of the track being a rubbery/conducive running material and some determination, but I ran HARD! My mile time was 15 minutes and I ran most of it. I rocked! And the GPS worked the whole time so I know its accurate :D I greatly improved my time from 25 minute/mile when I did W1D1 *this includes the warm up and cool down*.

Every time I run i do a little better and wow! I feel good! I'm actually going this afternoon to walk the 5K race route in Hartford, CT and then my family is going to have a picnic in the park. It'll be a day filled with acvitiy, YAY!!

Hope all of you have a lovely Saturday and Father's Day Weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday and Running in the Rain!

What a nasty, wet, horrible day out there...it is torrential downpours and believe me when my alarm went off at 6:30am, I did not want to move. Not on my day off. Not in the rain. But you know what? My 5K is in October. It rains in October quite frequently and its not a warmer rain either! So I got my butt up and I WENT FOR A RUN! YEAH! Not only that but I went running up this steep hill that kind of goes nowhere. I will have to take a picture for you to understand next time (didn't want my phone getting super wet in the rain). There's a street and its a circlar drive and then there's this hill up that leads to more streets but its roped of so cars can't cut through this quiet neighborhood to get to the highway. So I ran up and down and around this little place for the whole time, C25K W2D3: DONE!. Saturday I will start W3D1 and WOW I never though I'd make it this far!!

I also weighed in today. I was exactly the same last week and today I was 262.0! WOOO! That is a loss of 2.4 pounds, just over 1 KG! YAY!

And I was super proud of myself after I ran and had a weight loss! I didn't win biggest loser week 1 and since I stayed the same, I am for damn sure not winning week 2. But HEY! 3s the charm right? :D

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Wednesday! Enjoy this wet, sweaty pic of me from this morning!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

C25K W2D2: Complete!

Hi all!!

I am still trucking away at C25K! Still pissed that the GPS on it isn't work appropriately...I am trying to find a place to run where it'll pick it up. Thought my first part today the GPS was on and said I improved from a 15+ minute mile to about a 12 1/2 minute mile! WOO! Each time I run I feel better and better. Finding the time to do it is hard though! I can do 2 days a week easily so I'm a little behind but I have no doubt that by October I'm going to rock it! Next weekend I have plans to go with my mom and walk the race route! It's a little funky because it doesn't start and end in the same place...but I think it'll be okay! I'm nervous and excited!

Eating was AWESOME during the week but...today not so much. We went out to breakfast after we ran and then I got a coffee, the woman made it full fat instead of skinny like I had asked. And tonight I'm going to a bridal shower for two very good friends of mine! I'm so excited! Today is my splurge day but tomorrow, back on track! I have lots of healthy, yummy food so it won't be a problem!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It started off beautiful and sunny but now it seems to be hazy and grey...oh well! I got up, ran, and I am good to go!

Have a good weekend all! <3

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

C25K W2D1 : Complete!

Sorry for the silence on this end of things, bloggers! I am loving the new job and things are going well, just haven't felt like writing! My weight it exactly the same as last week...and I'm getting extremely frustrated. I'm eating and tracking, no cheating, and I'm running, doing lots of exercise...but my weight is going NOWHERE. It's SO ANNOYING.I feel like I am getting more toned though...my legs definitely feel more solid and I have noticed that my thighs have gotten smaller. So I think I'm toning...but I really want that scale to go down! It's killing me!

Again the GPS on my C25K app didn't work so it looked like I stood around for an hour...I ran with my mom this morning and then I got myself a light mocha coconut frappacino. There's a starbucks right off the trail where we were running so we went there after! I forgot to take a picture of my sweaty self, sorry guys! It was very grey and kind of cold this morning so I wasn't all that red ahah but man I'm feeling it now! I'm still not sure I LIKE running but...I'm trying hard!!

After my run and our coffee break, I came home and showered, cleaned up and then went to Target and Stop and Shop to get some groceries. I hit the jackpot with coupons today, hooray! Saved over 15 bucks! That makes me a happy girl! Then I came home and started a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce, yum yum! I loove having homemade sauce all ready for me. I am doing really good with eating up things in my fridge and using up ingredients so nothing goes bad. Plus I'm making really healthy, fresh meals with organic ingredients and lots of spice! YUM! All good things...but the scale stays the same. Blah.

Anyway, it's a nasty grey day and I'm fighting the urge to nap...and drinking TONS of water. Hope everyone has a lovely wedensday!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Update & C25K W1D3: COMPLETE

Hi everybody!

What a GORGROUS Sunday morning! I was up early (before my alarm, yipee!) and went out and ran!! It's so strange because I can already feel myself getting stronger and being able to run further and faster. Today I ran on my own street...which was kind of nerve wracking. I live in a condo and there were a lot of people driving and looking out their windows...but I pushed through! I rocked it!!

The only thing that really bugged me was that the GPS on my phone (and honestly, in my car) can't pick up the signal. So basically I did all this running and the C25K app said that I stood still for an hour. But I promise you, I did not look like this...

After standing around looking pretty for an hour!!!

My mom is running in a 5K today and I'm proud of her! That's going to be me in October! And I have a friend who is running it with me!! She is on a weight loss journey of her own but she doesn't have a blog. We've been best friends since nursing school and both put on a lot of weight during those stressful years. But now we're getting healthy and kicking butt! Woo!

I have MORE good news! We had a lovely team meeting on Friday where they told us that we're going to be moving into a new building in August. I guess the building we're in now we rent from the town and in the winter, there's NO HEAT! YIKES! Also the furniture is old and rickety (but belongs to the town so can't be removed) and we cannot get WIFI which is an integral part of our system because we need to get on a secure VPN wifi connection to download our patients and upload our complete charting. So...we have to plug in and there's not enough plugs if multiple people show up at once! But the new office is very close by and...THERE'S A GYM! That I get to use FOR FREE!!! Holy moley, hooray! Running on my street is fine but it can get busy with cars because upwards of 200 people live on this stretch of street between my condo which is split by the road,8 buildings w/ 4 condos each on my side and I don't even know how many on the other side with 2 townhouses per building. Then there's the hotel next to me, then across the street is another house-like condo complex with attached houses, aproximately 16 of those. Plus at the top of my street is a large gas station AND all the highway entrances. It's BUSY. So being able to go to work early, workout, shower, then be at work to get my assignment sounds FANTASTIC.

No word on who won this week's Biggest Loser challenge but I know I'm working hard! And hard work pays off!!!

Spending the rest of today cleaning... it realllly needs it. Then maybe doing some reading and relaxing! Have a great rest of the weekend folks!