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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend! And C25K W7D3

Can you freaking believe it?

I FINISHED WEEK 7 OF C25K! This morning I set my alarm for 7...but at 6 I found that I was awake and raring to go! I got up and dressed and was outside by 6:30 or so...and man I had a GREAT run! My average pace was faster than it's ever been! 15:28 min/ mile. Now...I realize this is not Olympic Level running. I realize that elderly people riding  scooters can go faster than 15 min/ mile. But for me, it's a huge accomplishment! I felt GOOD too! Major accomplishment for me, woo! I can't wait to start Week 8!

After my run I decided to treat myself to an iced coffee and man that tasted amazing. I headed right in from my run and hopped in the car and went. Great idea...I blasted the AC, sipped my iced coffee and chatted with a friend on the bluetooth in my car which is easily becoming my favorite thing about this car! So the picture today is from after my shower...but I'm still pink!

Big NSV today, I realized that my XL tank tops from Old Navy which I wear to run are wayy to big. And subsequently show off a bit too much cleavage for when I'm running. A couple of the L ones too are getting too big. And I have a couple mediums that fit perfectly. CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT!? MEDIUM!?!!?!?! I do realize that Old Navy clothes run big and do have some stretch in them...but come on, medium! It feels amazing!

I decided to weigh myself this AM. 266.7... which can really be improved upon. I ate well every day but Wednesday which I splurged too much. Still, I am making strides. I am doing well! Yipee!!

No big plans for the weekend, just hanging out and getting things accomplished in the house. The weather here is extremely hot and nasty. Thunderstorms are on the forecast every day! But we DO need the rain! It's a good weekend to clean!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

C25K W7D2 + Wacky Wednesday

Hi All!

I had a GREAT run today but MAN was it hart! I ran for 1.64 miles nonstop in 25 minutes (a pace of 15:33 min/mile) and a total of 2.11 miles. Getting me closer and closer to my 3.1 mile (5K) goal! It was a HARD run but I did it! WOO! My mom came with me and we rocked it out. What a gorgeous day for a run too! Low humidity, bright sunshine, not too hot since we went running at 7. YAY! Woof was I tired but happy after!

Then I went to target and picked up a few things. I bought something to help keep myself on track...it should be coming from amazon today.

Popsicle Mold!
Yipee! I can't wait to make healthy homemade popsicles! This mold for popsicles was 10 bucks...if you buy healthy popsicles that aren't full of dye and crap, you're looking at $3-5 bucks a box which may have between 4-6 popsicles! Making my own healthy ones will not only be better for me but they'll pay for themselves over and over again! Looking foward to making popsicles, woo!!

Eating has been good this week. WEdnesdays are hard and I'm having an off day...but tomorrow is a brand new day and I'm going to start up eating my best again! I keep forgetting to weigh myself so I promise, next week I'll weigh in!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

C25K W7D1 + Triathlon News

Hi all!

This week has been really good for eating...except last night when I went out to dinner with some friends. It wasn't really bad and I actually left more than half of my meal on the plate, so I was proud of myself! I am really working on getting my eating back on track, to lose the weight I know I have to do it!!

And this morning at 6:45am I got up and went running! 25 minutes of running. YAY! In 25 minutes I ran 1.54 miles. Which I am not so happy with...I need to really step it up. Total distance with the warmup/cooldown was 2.06 miles which is a lot closer to the 3.1 I need for my 5K. My goal for the 5K in October is that I will run a 5K in 40 minutes or less. That is approximately a 12.5 minute mile. Is it possible? I am sure as heck going to try! I'm already at week 7 of this program and I feel I'm doing well. They also offer a 5K improver where you do sprints to increase your 5K time. I don't think I'll be able to FINISH the program before my 5K in October BUT I can do it along with the B210K program! The lovely and amazing Blog Wobble and the fantastic Rebecca at Weight Wars have inspired me!

One thing I noticed however when I was looking at 10K events. There are..none. I don't know if this is more a European thing but it seems around here when they have events there's a 5K, a half marathon and a marathon, nothing in between!! I am going to have to search far and wide...and maybe travel over the pond the ocean for my first 10K? :D

Also, I have decided that I am also going to start training for a Sprint Triathlon. Right now I'm in the process of looking for a bike. The "good" time trial/triathlon bikes are upwards of 2000 dollars. Yup...I am not buying a 2000 dollar bike. So I'm looking at good mountain bikes with at least 10 speeds...have narrowed it down to a few. We have this bike shop that's not far from here I may go check it out sometime soon! And I'm going to need to find someplace to swim too, so that's in the works! Anyone who wants to train with me, PLEASE let me know! I'd love you forever! I'll even make arrangements to travel if you want me to Tri with you (within reason).

Here's a nice sweaty picture of me to get you motivated (at least to take a shower) this morning!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

C25K W6D3 & Starting Again

Well, I don't know what's wrong with me over these last few months. My motivation has slipped away...I am still running and exercising, that's good. But my eating? It's been CRAP! I ate out probably 4x last week and 3x the week before that. I haven't been packing healthy food or snacks... AHH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!

So today I am starting again. I went out for an awesome run. It is SO HOT AND HUMID. Oh god...and I ran for 22 minutes straight and covered a distance of 1.89 miles. I did all the hills and stuff even though its mega humid and hot already. When I went out at 6:45am it was already 80 degrees and 100% humidity, that'll tell you how bad it was! It was a struggle but I was feeling good when I was running! I wasn't going super fast... but I kept a steady pace and was very proud of myself!

I was dripping with sweat though when I got back...holy moley! But I was very happy!

Next time I run (Saturday) I'll be starting week 7!!! I cannot believe it....I never thought I'd make it this far. I never though I would actually (dare I say it?) like running! I was actually happy that I got up and went running today! Woohoo! There were even some people out walking dogs and such that I said hello to. It's a nice community of people who get up early to exercise, even in this heat!

I went to Target afterward and literally got the nastiest coffee ever. I took one sip and almost spit it out. It was SO bitter and horrible. I had heartburn after that one sip...SO nasty! What the hell, Starbucks!? So after I wasted that money, I bought some healthy food items: lettuce (2 kinds), hummus, Sargento thin slices of cheese for sandwiches (40 cals each!), organic grapes, organic peppers, organic baby carrots, salsa...and I got myself a very special treat: FRESH PINEAPPLE! Oh god it was SO yummy...and healthy!

Today I'm going to start tracking religiously again. I know I'm going out to dinner with some friends on Friday night but I can make healthy choices. It's going to be good! I hope everyone is staying cool today! Drink plenty of fluids!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

C25K W6D2

Hi all!!
Let me start by saying running in the dead heat and humidity of summer is not my favorite thing....holy smokes was it hot! I went out running at 7am this morning and it was sooo sticky hot. I could barely draw in a breath. It's already well in the 80s this AM. THEN as I was running up the hill onto the street, I GOT STUNG BY A WASP! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to take a picture of it for you, the area is all bruised and sore but it's really hard to see it on the picture  (and my arm looks flabby) so I'm not going to post it. It was the oddest wasp I've ever seen, my mom (who was running with me this AM) said it was a type of wasp that burrows in the ground. I must have stepped on it :(. Benadryl and iced coffee (Caffiene!) are the best remedies I know.

But, bloggy buddies, you'll be proud of me because when I got stung I didn't even stop running. I made a little whimper but kept running on my way, holding my arm! People probably thought I was insane...but I didn't stop for anything! Today's run was tough because of the humidity and the heat but I managed to run 1.96 miles! NOT TOO BAD! I'm working on my time and as I said before, I run up big hills (on purpose) to build up my endurance and such. I was dripping with sweat after I finished man did it feel good!

I'm kind of excited to get to W7-9 because that means I'll have completed this program. AND its straight running. I think I'm ready to get myself on a regular running routine. Until my 5K which is in October (Would LOVE it if anyone in the area wants to come run it with me!)

ING Hartford Marathon Info

I am determined...and I'm also getting my eating back on track. I don't know what's been wrong with me (the period monster has been really toying with me these last couple days) but I'm recomitted and I really need to focus not just on activity but also eating better and cleaner! No more junk!

Tomorrow I'm planning on going to see the movie Ted with a friend and I can't wait! It's looking up to be a great weekend. It's hot and sticky but I can beat the heat! For those of you who are running this weekend, make sure to drink plenty of fluids before and after the race, make sure you eat carbs after you run, AND don't run during the heat of the day!!!!

Have a good one bloggy buddies, I <3 you all!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

Today marks exactly one year that I've been making healthy changes. I started my weight loss journey one year ago with a heavier body and a heavier heart. While I know I have a long way to go...I realize I am making strides!

One year ago today, I was wearing a size 26/28 pants, 3XL shirt and 3XL scrubs for work. Today I am wearing a 16/18 in pants, an XL (or L!) in shirts and an XL scrubs!

One year ago today, I had no sense of portions or what a 'healthy' meal looked like. Now I (more often than not) eat them every day!

One year ago today, I got winded just walking upstairs to my condo and I couldn't run...AT ALL. Now, I am able to run for almost 2 miles and feel GREAT AFTER!

One year ago today, I was sad and was having a lot of issues with stress and anxiety. Today I am feeling great and am more comfortable with myself!

I have made so many positive changes! This last year has been awesome and although the last couple months I've been sort of falling off the wagon and not motivated, I know that I have changed for the better and this is a temporary setback! I'm reaffirming again today that I have lost over 50 pounds and I am 1/3 of the way to my goal! I CAN DO THIS!

I'm still doing C25K and am finishing up week 6 soon! I never thought I'd make it that far! After week one I was pretty sure I was going to quit...but I persevered and I'm LOVING it. Who knows! Maybe running is in my future! Maybe it was my destiny all along!?

I'm raising a glass (of water!) to this year and many more happy, healthy ones to come! CHEERS!

Let's have a little comparison...

Me at over 300 pounds...I didn't even want my face to be seen!

Me on Father's Day Weekend, all smiles for the camera!

I am so grateful to my lovely blog followers for sticking with me on this journey so far. I love you all and am looking forward to another year of blog mania!!! :D

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wedding + C25K W5D3

WOW! You wanna talk about activity? Yesterday I had my BEST RUN EVER! I ran for 20 minutes straight and ran for 1.7 miles. That's over halfway to a 5K!? And you wanna know a secret? I was kind of suprised when my C25K app said I was done. I was like...really? That was it? It's time for cooldown?! I don't listen to music when I'm running because I run on the street and it can get busy. I'm afraid that if I have in headphones that I won't be able to hear cars (or rapists/murderers/abductors) coming! But I was thinking about my awesome day ahead and it went by SO FAST!!!!

Look how super excited and proud I was! And I got up extra early because I was headed to the spa for a treat for myself! I had to get a haircut anyway so I decided to have my hair done up, then I had a manicure and a pedicure and was on my way! Sweaty me turned into a nicer looking person after that! I snapped a picture of me before I went out (I wore different shoes!)

 My friends Meghan and Roberta who I've been good friends with since college got married!! And it was a beautiful, gorgeous wedding!!!!! I was bawling like a little baby. Then it was time to drink and eat...and honestly, I don't think I ate enough consider I danced the rest of the night on the floor like an idiot! I had SO much fun. It was an outdoor wedding and it was SO hot. ALl my makeup sweated off and at one point my eyes were stinging because I had sweat in my eyes. But I was grooving and having a GREAT TIME! LOVED IT!

Here's a picture of me with the brides!

It was an AMAZING time and I know I burnt sooo many calories running in the morning then really working my ass dancing. SO much fun! I loved it! And I wish all the best of luck to my beautiful friends!!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful blessed Sunday!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

C25K W5D2 + Happy 4th of July!!

Hi all!!

Today it was extremely disgusting out. I stepped outside to do my run and the air is like SOUP. The temperature was only 71 degrees but my thermometer said it felt like 94 because of the oppressive humidity!! But I didn't let that stop me... and I didn't do that badly! The first leg I ran a WHOLE 0.54 MILES! HOLY CRAP! That's the furthest I've EVER run, MAYBE in my life! And on the second leg, I ran 0.51 miles (uphill 75% of the way too). WOW! I was so proud of myself!! It was damn hard though and I was exhausted by the time I slogged back to my house. I timed it oddly so I ended up having to walk another 1/4 of a mile back to my house after I was finished Oops! Oh well, it didn't kill me!

It felt good to take a nice shower and then I had a bagel thin with some whipped cream cheese and I made iced coffee at home (Mocha Coconut, YESS). Definitely feel a whole lot better now!

Happy I made it through my run alive!
I weighed in today at the lowest I've been in a while 263.4. I find that now that I'm running (And I've been eating EXCELLENTLY!!!!) my weight fluctuates a LOT. But I'm trucking away! And I feel like I'm back on track! I only mumbled a LITTLE bit when I had to get up and run today. And I pushed through all the big hills. I promise one of these days I'll take some pictures of my running spots but when I'm running...I really can only focus on that!

Also, today in the United States, it's Independence Day. The day that the US declared independence from Britian and became their own country! Today we celebrate our soldiers and the brave men and women who served this country! I'm celebrating today by relaxing! I don't really have any plans to go to BBQs or anything like that. It'll just be me hanging out here! DEFINITELY doing some laundry and most certainly cleaning.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and a Happy 4th of July!