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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Smashed by Winter Storm Alfred

Hi all,

I am not neglecting you. I live in CT as many of you know and I have been hit very hard by Winter Storm Alfred. A big tree hit my house, thankfully there is only surface damage but I barely made it out with my car. I will post pictures when I am able to. Power is out all over the state including at my condo. I am displaced, staying with friends who have a generator who I cannot thank enough. Without them I would be totally lost. They have kept me fed and showered and able to go out and see my patients.

I am still going to Ireland at the end of the week and it'll be a welcome relief to have power and food and life at my fingertips again. I haven't been following my diet. All Jenny Craig food spoiled. I am eating what's available and trying to do portion control. It's been a real struggle.

I love you all. Thanks so much to Taryn for her lovely care package. I went through its contents when I stopped into my condo to pack, it was 38 degrees and I was frozen stiff!! So I will go through it more thoroughly when I get power back! And I'll take pictures :D


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