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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weighing in on Wednesday

Not literally!! I'll be weighing in at Jenny Craig next Monday!

I started back doing really well on my healthy routine (I refuse to use the word diet!) on Monday and I feel really good. I was thinking back to the last two weeks and eating "whatever I wanted". Honestly, I didn't find it that satisfying. For some reason, I was ALWAYS hungry. I would eat a big meal and then like an hour later I'd feel like I was hungry again--just like  before I started my weight loss journey. Maybe it was the alcohol; It's Ireland so you know there was much booze to be found! It couldn't be the walking because honestly it was about the same that I do here at home. We took some walks but even the 4 mile scenic walk we took in Kinsale wasn't anything I wasn't used to! However 40 pounds ago, I'd have probably required a defibrillator and an oxygen mask!!!!

Another thing I wanted to share was that I didn't need a seatbelt extender on the plane! I had nightmares about needing one, about having to ask...but I buckled that sucker up AND I pulled it and it had a little tail! YIPEE! I didn't have any problems fitting into the seat at all which I was worried about.

Also since the first time--maybe ever--I felt cute and sexy. I bought new pants at Old Navy before I left and they are 3-4 sizes smaller than when I started. I was barely fitting into a 26 (in some pants, you know how random some of the sizing of pants can be) and now I am slipping into a 20 that fit perfectly!! I probably shouldn't be so excited about being in a size 20 but...hey, it's just a stepping stone on my way to my healthy body.

Thanksgiving is coming up next week and if I haven't told you already, I will be driving (YES, DRIVING) out to Illinois with my parents to see my mother's family. It's a 16 hour car ride, ew. So what that means is that I'm not bringing any of my Jenny Craig food. Out in the Midwest I know there is going to be a lot of junk and good food, alcohol, and especially on Thanksgiving! However I have been using Sparkpeople.Com which they talkabout the 80/20 rule. If you eat well 80% of the time and splurge only 20% of the time, you can still lose weight. I figure that I can enjoy myself in moderation, not go overboard, and be fine! Yes I know that I will probably gain a bit but I'm not worried. I know that I'm living my life, I'm aware of what needs to be done AND I'm doing it!

I'll keep you updated as to how I'm doing as we go along! I'll be bringing my computer up to Illinois with me!

Hope you all have a stunning day!

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  1. Hold onto that feeling of how cute and sexy you felt.... work towards feeling even better about yourself. Any holiday food or dessert won't taste as good as you FELT that day and how you will feel when you're weigh less and have more confidence. You are awesome and you are so very worth it! Holidays and the winter season in general are going to be a true test. Be prepared. Be determined.