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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Update

What a beautiful fall morning!

It's been really nice the last couple of days. Chilly but very autumnal, which is my favorite! Connecticut is still digging out of the wreck from Winter Storm Alfred! There are still a ton of CL&P and tree cutting crews out trying to clear branches and trees. And my insurance company is coming out this morning to look at the damage to my poor garage door! My condo association has been givnig me the run around with this and I'm not very happy. I own my condo but I do not own any land surrounding it; I pay condo fees for them to take care of the trees, the lawn, etc. And their tree damaged MY garage, ergo they need to fix my garage! However the condo president told me that 'oh, we'll see' and that she'll 'get back to me'. Yeah you will... because I called my insurance company and they're going to fight you if you don't fix it!

In other news, I gained last week but I feel like most, if not all, that weight has come off since I got home. I had a good eating week(except for Saturday night which I'll tell you about) and I've been exercising. I'm fitting into much smaller sizes, I almost can't believe it. Instead of struggling to get on my 3XL shirts and pants, I'm fitting into 18/20 pants AND I went to Old Navy and I fit into LARGE tops! NOT XL, not XXL...LARGE! HOLY MOLEY! I do have some tops that are still a bit bigger that fit well but really it's the bustline that I have problems with, not the waist or the hips. I have a whole bunch of cute clothes that are going to carry with me until I'm too small for them!!

So I had a good eating week, good exercise week. But Saturday I went out to lunch with my mom, but I counted all my calories, I had already allotted them into my plan. But then Saturday night I was at a party with some friends from college and I overindulged just a little! I had some chip and dip stuff, nothing crazy, I had 2 pieces of pizza (one was very small though, it was from a small pizza) and then I had 2 cookies. I also had an Irish beer, Murphy's which is a very dark lager that I LOVED to drink in Ireland. So all in all, definitely NOT the best calorie day. I did some extra exercise to make up for it and I'm back on track today, not too worried even though weigh in day is tomorrow! Let's pray for a good loss!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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