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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Yes, it is true! I ran a full 5K today...without stopping once! HELL YEAH!

On Wednesday I had a terrible, horrible run. I actually didn't even run because I had such a pounding headache and as soon as I started running, I had horrible nausea. I felt like there was acid in my throat and it was seeping into my lungs. So I just took a walk. I felt that was much better than trying to push myself and go nuts. So...that was a failure for me. But I picked myself up, dusted myself off and I decided today I would do a "fun run" on my C25K app. They have all sorts of times and distances. But I decided to be ambitious and try 5K.

Mile 1 felt fantastic. I felt good...but somewhere around 1.1 and 1.5 miles I started feeling horribleeee. I felt winded and breathless but I said to myself...what are you, a wimp? You're used to running more than 2 miles! Kick it up!

And you know what? I did. I ran the entire rest of the way. WITHOUT STOPPING. A full 3.11 miles (over 3.5 with my warmup and cooldown). And I felt AMAZING. I felt at the end that I definitely got a good workout. But I was a little suprised I probably could've pushed myself further. Bridge to 10K will start after my race in October... and I'm excited.

So...my time today for a 5K was 49:08.

Okay. I'm not winning any awards for this time. But my biggest fear was that it was going to take me hours to run a 5K and I wasn't going to be able to run any of it at all. I'm running the whole thing and my pace can only improve from here! This is the time to beat! Yippee! I can do this! Now, this was on a flat trail so...I'm going to try running 5K on WEdnedsay up my hills and dales at home. But this was an amazing place to start. Yay! I feel awesome!

I've done my run, I've caffeinated. I took a shower...now check out this happy mug!


  1. THAT IS AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!! My best runs usually come after a horrible one!!

  2. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Sometimes you just have to push through that exhaustion and magic is made, you have really inspired and motivated me with your determination. You are a RUNNER and running your first 5k non-stop is such a huge milestone, truly TERRIFIC!
    I know you have been struggling a little with the food side of things, the only thing I can suggest is sitting down and making a food plan - something new and clear, I find that motivates me to improve after a few hiccups.
    Won't be long now before you can run a sub 30.00 5K, I was so proud the day I could do that! Good luck with the race and the B210K, I know you will kick ass with both girl <3

  3. Hey congratulations on you run!! Have a good week!