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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday!!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!

I am soooo happy that today is over...

I did not sleep one second last night. I was tossing and turning and worrying about everything from my crammed up schedule at work to getting all my charting done and my patients settled to the suitcase that was supposed to be delievered that afternoon. Were my patients going to be okay without me? Was my boss going to think I did a good job in my performance reivew? Was I going to cry from the pressure? Would the suitcase arrive on time? And even if it did, DO I HAVE TO SIGN FOR IT!? I was so sick with worry today I almost couldn't go to work...I was sitting in my bed, blankets wrapped all around my until I finally couldn't stand it anymore and took a long, hot shower. The shower really helped, actually, and I got changed and packed my breakfast.

I was so nauseated I could not eat a thing. I had two patients to see before my performance review and one of the per diem nurses we have, her kids were sick from school so I had to add her patient onto my already loaded schedule!! By that time I was in my review with my boss and I did very well, she's happy with my performance. After that I was RUNNING all over my workplace, by the time I was done I was sweating bullets. Then I had to return to the office and do this bogus skills lab...on top of charting, updating my boss on my patients who needed to be taken over PLUS giving the nurses who were taking over my patients report, calling doctors and families, and...it was insane. But I got it done...and I got home in time to get my suitcase and...

IT IS PERFECT! It's lightweight, a beautiful RED color, and fits everything I needed to bring AND I could add in the extra pair of jeans and sweater I had to eliminate because not everything fit in the suitcase. I never realized how small that one was until I got this one. It's a 27.5 inch suitcase but it's just great. I can't say enough nice things about it!

Really great suitcase if anyone's looking for a lightweight, sturdy piece of luggage!!! I'll let you know how it holds up after travelling but I have another swissgear piece of luggage (Smaller) that is amazing!

I feel so much more relaxed now... food has been good. Even though I oculd barely eat. I had my breakfast for lunch and then they brought in cupcakes for mine and another nurse's birthday so I had one. I put it all in Sparkpeople and tracked it. It was a lemon cupcake with a rasperry jam filling, it was small but I estimated its calories to be around 260. I think I grossly overestimated but...that's okay, I'd rather be safe than sorry!

I feel better now and I hope eveyrone has a GREAT weekend! I'll be updating right up until I go <3 Hopefully nothing will crop up in that time!


  1. Glad your able to Relax now :) i BET after today you cant wait for that vacation :)

  2. Sounds like a crazy day. Glad you made it through!