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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday


Woo! I never really understood why they called it Fat Tuesday. So I decided to look it up. After some research, I still don't really get it. But mostly it denotes that before the fasting of the Lenten season, people would feast. Thus, FAT tuesday. I don't know if I am celebrating this holiday...but my stomach seems to be. I am RAVENOUS today. UGH!

It started early this morning when I got up to go back to work. Suprisingly, I was very awake at 5:30am and STARVING. I ate my Jenny Craig breakfast and headed off to work. At around 9am I made it to the office to pick up my computer. You'll all be really proud of me, there were donuts AND bagels in the office...and I resisted them both! I just told myself, 'You already ate your breakfast' and walked away. HUGE NSV for me...because I was super hungry and really wanted a bagel. But I drank a big glass of water instead and headed off on my way. I ate my snack around 10am...and then about half an hour later I ate the snack that I planned for later in the day because I was SO hungry even though I drank 16oz of water. I continued on my day and I finally got my Jenny Craig lunch which was delicious. But now its 4:15pm and I'm ready to chew my fists! And I'm drinking lots of water but man, my stomach is growling so much. I feel ravenous, yikes!

I'm not really sure why I'm so hungry today...could be because my eating habits are all different from my vacation. And the times I'm eating are very different. Could also be part of jet lag. But in any event, I'm working really hard to make good choices in the face of this really bad hunger!

I hope everyone has a good day! Enjoy your pancakes, if you're British, and drink carefully if you're going out tonight to enjoy the festivals!!!!!


  1. i celebrated FAT MONDAY -- i had the voracious appetite yesterday?!?!

    so much fun being a chick aye?


  2. I may not be British but as a part of the Episcopal church we also eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday..I only had 1 to try to be healthy and it was delicious. No drinking/festivities tonight but I'm going to make some Cajun food (lightened up!) to celebrate.

    Way to go in resisting temptation! You are strong!

  3. Ha ha... I didn't even know that Fat Tuesday was today but apparently my stomach knew. I've eaten all kinds of junk today. Back to it tomorrow.