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Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday!

I am struggling with staying awake today, oof.

I am actually not even feeling like blogging today, sorry! I just want to finish charting, curl up in bed with some tea and watch stupid TV. Is that wrong?

The state is hunkering down for what could be a 2 day snowstorm. I'm not too concerned about it...but I know better than to ignore a storm warning! So I am headed to Target tomorrow to pick up a few essentials and I'm getting some groceries tonight. Wednesday I am off and headed to Jenny Craig and also meeting with my therapist, so I hope its not so bad that I can't get there! If that's the case, never fear. I have cereal and milk for breakfasts, I have boca burgers, I got some La Tortilla Factory high fiber wraps and have some chicken that I can cook up. I will be fine without my Jenny Craig food for a few days!

Nothing else really happening here. I went out Saturday and I stuck to plan. I did have some cheesecake for dessert but...I'm not too concerned. However I did get LOST on my way home. I don't know what the heck was wrong with me. I hadn't had anything to drink (I never drink and drive) and I've driven this way probably 50 times in my life...but that night I got on the highway going the opposite way of where I wanted to go. It took me a WHILE before I realized it too. WTH! Maybe because it was dark and I was tired? I have no idea. But it was embarassing. I felt like an idiot!

The bloody blister on my foot is still really hanging on. It was itching really bad and so I scratched it...that caused it to open up again. It's still super painful but getting better. Let's look at my goals for last week and make some new ones!


1) Use moisturizer every day - my legs, hands and lips are chapped I think because of the weather and he cold, plus different water. They need some TLC! 
2) Go to bed by 10pm every night - I could use the extra sleep!

3) Catch up on the TV that I missed while in Italy - Got a few shows to watch, woohoo!


Due to bloody blister at the bottom of my food, I'm going to set some very small exercise goals.

1) Bike 2x this week - I tried on Friday but I need to replace my sneakers.

2) Walk every day

1) As always, track on Sparkpeople. Drink water!
2) Eat 5 servings of fruit/veggies per day - did this 5 out of 7 days...needs work.

3) Try one new recipe and post it on my blog! - I was fighting jet lag so badly, I'm sorry! Except TWO RECIPES this week to make up for it!

Okay so onto this week's goals!!!


1)  Buy new scrubs.... it's way past time for me to get new ones.

2) Continue moisturizing every day x 7 days

3)  Get 8 hours of sleep each night!


1) Buy a new pair of sneakers ASAP!

2) Walk every Day x 7 days

3) 30DS x 1

4) Bike x 2


1) Make and post TWO recipes on my blog!

2) Track on sparkpeople

3) Eat 5 fruits/veggies per day!

:D Have a good day everyone!


  1. Snow! I feel like this winter was a total sham for me, no snow whatsoever! lol

    Good luck on this weeks goals and have a wonderful week! :)

  2. I hope you don't get a snow storm. Stock up on lots of essentials just in case.

    It sounds like you had a good week. One slice of cheesecake in 7 days won't hurt I don't think if you work treats into your plan.

    Good look for the next week x

  3. I get lost too from time to time. I tell my wife it is because I am thinking about "big, important" stuff like solving the world's problems. It is more likely me just daydreaming, but she doesn't need to know that...

  4. Just found your blog so wanted to say hello. I also have to lose around 150lbs and I would love to make new friends on here :) your progress pics look great! Keep up the good work. Is there anything that you are doing that you really love and think works? How is Jennys?

  5. Eww snow!!! You keep it and dont send it my way lol. You are looking amazing btw!

  6. Ughhhh, snow! I thought it was supposed to be spring now???