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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Freaking. Out.

I am super stressed right now...and I need to get some things off my chest.

I cannot stand when my boss loads up my plate right before I leave on vacation. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have even tried to take one day off -- let alone a big vacation like this-- she starts piling crap on my plate. I am so overwhelmed I can hardly breathe right now. The suitcase I was going to use for Italy, the zipper ripped and not all of my things fit in it. BIG PROBLEM! I went all over the place and nobody had a suitcase in the size I need so I had to rush order a suitcase from Target and PRAY that it gets here on time!!!!!!! In addition I have my boss calling me every hour telling me things that I need to do before I go including some bullshit skills lab that everyone has to do and I apparantly have to do it tomorrow when I already have visits to do, doctors to call, families to update and then finish all my charting, give report to the nurses taking over my patients, and drop off my computer at the office to be connected while I'm away. And my supervisor is coming with me on a visit again on Friday...so annoying. I feel like I'm going to explode I have so much on my plate!

Right now my head is pounding, I'm scrambling around trying to make last minute arrangements... and I feel sick to my stomach. I don't feel like eating. I made a Jenny Craig chicken sandwich for lunch and I could only eat half before I felt like I was going to hurl. Stress is such a powerful thing and really messes with a body, that much is for sure. I'm trying to combat this with lots of fluids, major deep breathing, Excedrin, and distraction.

So, I'm going to try and stop freaking out...get through tomorrow and then ENJOY MY VACATION.

But in the meantime. AHHHHHHH!


  1. definitely just try and breathe. one more day and you're outta there :) the moment will be very sweet when it arrives i can assure you :)

  2. Aww.... I am sorry your boss is being such a ... well you know. Just do the best that you can. Then ENJOY THE HECK OUTTA YOUR VACATION!!!

  3. ack @ the boss -- how utterly lame! it's like punishment or pure jealousy?

    anywho -- just get through today & be on your merry way & not give a care to a thing but seeing your sis & having the time of your life!

    have a safe & marvelous trip!

  4. Oh noooo, stress sucks. Really. I don't like your boss much either. You will have so much fun on your trip though!