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Saturday, February 4, 2012


FINALLY things are coming together for my vacation and I literally could not be any happier. Last night...I did something bad. I really didn't eat anything in the morning because I was so stressed I felt sick. Then for lunch I ate my breakfast which was a light scone that I made by tailoring one of Gina's Skinny Recipes to use what I had on hand! And then I ate a cupcake because they brought them in for my birthday and I couldn't be rude! But then I came home, I made my Jenny Craig dinner...and then around 8pm hunger struck. And I was in a delerious mixed state of being overwhelmed with thinking of my trip and relaxed from the day, and they had all these Superbowl food commercials on...I made a bad choice. I binged...

I haven't done this in a long time. I've been keeping a tight rein on it but there was this little voice inside my head telling me 'but you deserve a treat, you've been doing so well...and you really didn't eat that much today'. Needless to say...that little voice has been executed and I don't want to hear from it ever again. But that's behind me and I started my day off early today with a goal in mind!

I got up at quarter to eight and immediately was in CLEANING MODE. I started in my bedroom and made up the bed, I got my suitcase on the bed with everything to go in it AND my handy dandy list so I could cross things off as they went in. Then I picked up all the other stuff and hung it up or tossed it out. Then I went to the living room and cleaned up the old magazines and papers, and brought in last night's shameful binge dishes :(. Then I clenaed the kitchen from top to bottom, dusted all over the house, vaccuumed and washed all the floors! Thank you Swiffer, that's all I can say. Then I took out the trash...which entails going down three flights of stairs, out the door and walking all the way down with garbage in hands. I tossed it out then ran! I ran uphill (pretty steep incline!) and back up the three flights of stairs to my condo! WOO! Then I drank two glasses of water and went into the bathroom. I bleached the crap out of the tub, sink and toilet, grabbed the laundry and started doing that while I finished cleaning the bathroom. It's 10 am at this point and I've been cleaning like crazy for at least 2 hours. And I'm sweating like a piggie in heat!!

But it doesn't end there! THEN I packed and repacked my suitcase...with EVERYTHING I needed inside. I was very worried because the maximum suitcase weight is 50lbs or you get charged the next size up (like 89 dollars to bring a suitcase as opposed to 25). Thank You GOD it was only 39.5 packed and some of the items currently in my suitcase are FOR my sister and will be staying with her.

And that got me thinking...my suitcase is 39.5 pounds...and I've lost 42.6 pounds. And you know what? I thought that suitcase was heavy when I tried carrying it around. I have been carrying around more weight than that on my body...and now its GONE! HOLY SMOKES! That really puts things in perspective! I challenge all of you to pack a suitcase full until it weighs as much as you you have lost since you started...and marvel at the change! YOU ALL ROCK!

Once the laundry finishes, I definitely need a shower, woof! But I hope that all of you have a lovely day and I will check in tomorrow before it's time to go! <3


  1. I love those days that you clean everything and get a little sweaty and tired but you feel good.

    Don't worry too much about the binge. No, it wasn't a good thing but you just need to know why you did it and move forward.

    It really is amazing to feel how much weight we were able to carry! I want to try it after i lose 19 more pounds and hit the 50 lbs mark!

    You're going to have a lovely trip! Too bad I don't weigh 10.5 lbs...I would totally sneak into your luggage if I did.

  2. I need to clean everything. Maybe tomorrow. ;)