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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend! And C25K W7D3

Can you freaking believe it?

I FINISHED WEEK 7 OF C25K! This morning I set my alarm for 7...but at 6 I found that I was awake and raring to go! I got up and dressed and was outside by 6:30 or so...and man I had a GREAT run! My average pace was faster than it's ever been! 15:28 min/ mile. Now...I realize this is not Olympic Level running. I realize that elderly people riding  scooters can go faster than 15 min/ mile. But for me, it's a huge accomplishment! I felt GOOD too! Major accomplishment for me, woo! I can't wait to start Week 8!

After my run I decided to treat myself to an iced coffee and man that tasted amazing. I headed right in from my run and hopped in the car and went. Great idea...I blasted the AC, sipped my iced coffee and chatted with a friend on the bluetooth in my car which is easily becoming my favorite thing about this car! So the picture today is from after my shower...but I'm still pink!

Big NSV today, I realized that my XL tank tops from Old Navy which I wear to run are wayy to big. And subsequently show off a bit too much cleavage for when I'm running. A couple of the L ones too are getting too big. And I have a couple mediums that fit perfectly. CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT!? MEDIUM!?!!?!?! I do realize that Old Navy clothes run big and do have some stretch in them...but come on, medium! It feels amazing!

I decided to weigh myself this AM. 266.7... which can really be improved upon. I ate well every day but Wednesday which I splurged too much. Still, I am making strides. I am doing well! Yipee!!

No big plans for the weekend, just hanging out and getting things accomplished in the house. The weather here is extremely hot and nasty. Thunderstorms are on the forecast every day! But we DO need the rain! It's a good weekend to clean!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Yay!! SO proud of you for completing W7! Old Navy sizes are sooo all over the place, but those prices just keep me coming back for more. =)

  2. Congratulations! I did C25K last summer and recommend it to everyone I know!

  3. WooHooooo!!!! *victory dance*
    You are amazing, and your face is looking so slim! Way to go girl, you are DOING IT!!!

  4. you are AMAZING!!!!

    and don't you dare scoff a size medium even if the brand *runs big*... pfffft a medium is a medium and worth a GINORMOUS shout out!

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!