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I'm Kate. I'm 25 and a busy nurse journeying through life! I'm restarting my weight loss journey! I started off with Jenny Craig but now I'm doing it on my own with the support of my beautiful bloggy friends!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Well, today started off with crap because I woke up SUPER early to do an admission. Yes, it's my day off. Yes, I don't have to work. But what am I supposed to do when my supervisor is telling me there's no one to do it and the other nurse has an admission too? And there are no per diems available? Come on. Ridiculous. So I was a very VERY nice girl and I went and did that at 7am. Followed by driving through the most horrible traffic I've ever seen back to my house. It took me 15 minutes to get into my street because all these people were stopped and refused to let me turn in! You're not going anywhere! Why do you have to block my street you can see me with my directional, sir! Yes, I am talking to you!

Anyway, then I ran like a mad woman to let the workmen into my house. Last year I had significant ice damming and flooding of my bedroom with all the winter weather we had here in CT...and they were coming to fix it. Today is their last day though thankfully, and my roommate let them in yesterday so I could get to see patients on time. Well they were late...and I was driving through thick construction traffic to get to my Jenny Craig appointment on time. Thankfully I got there only a minute or two after and my consultant was lounging anyway, it was a slooow day at Jenny Craig.

Good weigh in news though!! I lost 1.8 today bringing me down to my lowest weight 270.0!!!!! AND I have my period so I think that I even lost a little more than that. I am ready to kiss the 270s goodbye for GOOD. Total Loss = 40lbs. AND for the first time since before my vacation, my ticker has moved from where it was stuck. Yipee!

This weekend coming up is a bit hard for me. Friday we have our Seabury Christmas Party and there will be a lot of food temptations and such, plus we're celebrating Christmas early this weekend at my grandparents since I have to work Christmas and New Year's weekend this year. Suck. My grandparents butter and salt everyhting like crazy (so the food is so good). My goal is to eat in moderation and be a good girl. Santa Claus is watching, after all!

I hope that everyone has a great day. Skinny vibes to all my Wednesday weighers! And have a great week!


  1. Congrats on a new low!! Awesome :)

  2. Congrats! Very happy for you, doll! Hope you're able to resist the temptations at the parties... that is always tough! But, you're more *tougher! haha.