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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday + C25K W8D1

WEEK EIGHT! OF A NINE WEEK PROGRAM!? I am actually going to accomplish one of my lifelong goals, WOO! I have always wanted to run...but for one reason or anothing, I told myself I couldn't. There was NO way a fatty like me could ever run. People would stare or make fun of me or I'd fail! So I talked myself out of it...but not anymore! Today I ran for 28 minutes STRAIGHT! YES! STRAIGHT! No stopping, no falling down dead, I even waved to some people that I've seen out and about exercising in the morning! There's this older couple I always see out and a man with two TINY dogs (he makes me laugh because the guy must be 6 foot 4 at least and he has these teeny tiny little dogs, one is a dauchshaund and the other I think is a bichon mix).

In any event, I got up at 6:45 and headed out. It was already at 91% humidity but the temperature was low. And as I was running up that huuge hill at the end of my run, suddenly there was the most gorgeous breeze! When i run I don't listen to music, as I've said before, because I can't hear the traffic and I get irrationally afraid of murderers, rapists and abductors. It happens...it happens in quiet neighborhoods early in the morning with hundreds of people in their houses. So I don't take any chances! I also give a wide berth to parked cars... I'm not paranoid I swear.

It was not my best run today, my knee was hurting I think because its going to storm. But I kept a very even pace, 16:09/mile which is not too shabby! I also noticed that today during my run my pace was a lot more even, whereas my last run I had some really fast times and then really slow (I run the same course each time so I can monitor these things, plus I love the big hills). I ran a total of 1.73 miles and my total distance with my warm up/cool down was 2.28 miles. WOW! That is SO CLOSE to 3.1! I am doing awesome!
Happy picture before I take a much needed shower!

I also weighed in today... 266.7, same as Saturday. However yesterday I had a little slip. I was working and as some of you know I travel for work. I was STARVING and had a break (which is rare) so I tried to go to Subway. They were CLOSED! What the hell! It said they were open but the doors were locked and nobody was around...so I made a bad choice and I went to Taco Bell. Sigh. It's been so long since I went there and I just felt like some cheap food. And that sort of spiraled the rest of my day. I didn't do that bad. I made a DELICIOUS recipe from Gina's Skinny Taste...and oh god it was yummy. And it kept SO WELL in the fridge. Check it out here! I followed the recipe exactly too! I used Al Fresco Italian chicken sausages because I had a package in my freezer FOREVER. And today when I went to target I got their brand and I'm hoping it's just as good because I'm making this dish again this week! It is a SUPER healthy, easy, packed with veg and yumminess dish!

I hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday! Enjoy!


  1. i just adore you -- you are SUCH an inspiration!!!

    way to go!!!

  2. So proud of you! And I am insanely paranoid too-so no worries.
    Sounds like we all got a little off path with eating this week-glad you got right back on track. =)