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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday & Extreme Couponing!

Hi all!

It's been quiet on the blog because I went away for the weekend with my sister tocelebrate my 25th birthday! WOO! A quarter of a century old, yipee! But it was a reminder that I'm still a work in progress...I want so much more out of my life! Eating last week was good, up until I left on my trip...then it was a lot of eating out, alcohol and fun. However my sister and I did get some exercise! We walked all through the mall and went shopping and we also went swimming in the indoor pool for hours!

Look at me swimming and the snow outside! Hilarious!!
I weighed in today after getting right back on track Monday, my weight is exactly the same. So I guess I didn't do THAT badly. I at least maintained where I was at and didn't go nuts. NSV for me!! I've been doing well with eating since I got back from the trip. For breakfasts I've been doing the Special K protein shakes in the morning, a fruit leather/fruit snack for a midmorning snack, hummus with bell peppers, turkey pepperoni and string cheese for lunch and either a lean cuisine or something quick for supper. Then for a dessert I have a variety of healthy options that I like to choose from!

This week at Target I got some AMAZING deals!

They have a buy 6 Lean Cuisine get 1 free Skinny Cow Ice Cream deal going on right now. The Lean cuisines are also on sale for between 1.99 and 2.69 a piece at my local store. I also had a Buy 12 Lean Cuisine get $3 off. So I bought 12 Lean Cuisine (approx half and half the different prices) so 6 x 1.99 and 6 x 2.69 which is $28.08 then I got a free SKinny Cow Mint Ice Crea Sandwiches for 3.99 and a Caramel Cone for 4.74 FREE!!! WOW! That'll last me a few weeks too!

Another great buy was the Market Pantry fruit snacks. 80 cals a piece, so easy t too keep in the car and they were on sale for a 10 count package it was 1.69. And I had a coupon that if you bought 2 packages, you get $1 off from Target.Com!! 2 Fruit Snack boxes at 1.69 a piece = $3.38...then I got a dollar off hich is 2.38. Each package of fruit snacks is 12 CENTS! WOWWWW!

There is another great sale going on for those of you who have families. If you buy 10 items of these foods, you get a free $5 giftcard. Stacking coupoins with this is AMAZING! The items included were select beans, pasta sauce, pasta, etc. I had $1 off 4 Old El Paso Items, so I got 4 cans of refried fat free beans to put on wraps and to use in recipes, I had $1 off Barilla Pasta Plus so I got 2 boxes of that (These were also on sale for 1 a box, it was like getting one FREE!), I bought 3 ragu sauces using a Target 60 cents off 2 ragu sauces AND a manufacturer's coupon for $1.25 off if you bought three WOW! Then I also bought a Ragu pasta sauce which was included in the deal that was on sale for $1.19. Woot! All told, these items came to 18.10 (BEFORE COUPONS) then I had the $2.85 in coupons...which was 15.25. AND I have a shiny new $5 giftcard for next week's use! If I subtracted that, ALL of these items would be 10.25...yes for 4 pasta sauces, 2 boxes of pasta and 4 cans of refried beans. All of which will last me a VERY long time. YAY!!!

I got all of the items mentioned above plus a 48 count package of swiffer dry cloth refills (had a $1 off coupon), 3 Snackwells 100 calorie pack boxes (had a $1 off 3 coupon), 2 packs of turkey pepperoni (had a $1 off coupon), a package of turkey bacon, 4 containers of Sabra roasted garlic hummus, a loaf of Sara Lee bread (had a 50 cents off Taget Coupon), 4 cans of Rotel Tomatoes (not included in the buy 10 get a 5 dollar giftcard free but on sale for 89 cents), weight watchers ice cream (had a $1 off coupon), a package of glad freezer containers (had a $1 off coupon) and 2 jars of Newman's Own Salsa (had $1 off 2 coupon) all for 92.10!!!

In total I saved $35.72 shopping today and an extra $4.55 for using my redcard! Yayyy

For my birthday, I bought myself a little present! I have been keeping my coupons in an envelope which is great BUT twice now my envelope shredded down the side and all my coupons went EVERYWHERE. So I invested i nthis ADORABLE coupon pouch. Yipee!

I absolutely LOVE it!! I had all my coupons organized and that made this shopping trip super fun! Hope all is well with you guys! REmember if you haven't left me your blog link in a comment please do! I want to get back to reading your guys' awesome blogs <3

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog for awhile now. Please feel free to check out mine. Awesome job maintaning while on vacation!

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