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Sunday, August 19, 2012

W9D1... Struggling with motivation...

Hi everyone!

It's been over a week since I've written...and honestly, things in the weight loss department are not good. Maybe its because the period-monster has had me in her clutches all week but I've been constantly eating poorly and feeling like doing nothing. This Wednesday (the day I usually run) there was a huuuge thunderstorm. And thunder/lightning is the only weather I will not run in. It's just not safe! I do not have a treadmill or anything (when my work office moves to the new building which is SUPPOSED to happen this month, there is a gym but...not yet) so running was impossible. The weather in CT has been all around nasty lately...humid, hot, stormy.

Much to my delight this morning, it was a delicious 54 degrees and COOL! WOOO! What a GORGEOUS morning!! Even though I was up late last night hosting a Hunger Games/Taco Party (healthy tacos made w/ turkey, whole grain shells/wraps, light sour cream, and plenty of veggies! Score on that one!)  I got my butt up and went at 7am! It was sooo nice to run in good weather. I actually kind of enjoyed it... But seriously, it was a great run. My overall pace was 15:35 min/mile which is a pretty good pace! I had some parts where I ran faster and other times slower. If I could keep this pace and push it at bit, I could finish my October 5K in 45 minues which...would be amazing to me!!!

Overall, though, I haven't been eating well. I found myself getting into a habit of eating well all day, drinking my water...then bingeing at night. I am not even bingeing on unhealthy things! I find myself finishing off 2 bell peppers with half a container of hummus, or eating an extra serving of Quinoa Basil Cakes that I made from a pinterest recipe. WTF. And a couple times I went out to eat with friends...it just isn't working out for me. I can feel my clothes are getting snug again and I DO NOT LIKE IT!

I am back on the wagon...I just need to find my center and my motivation again. I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS. I just need to convince myself of that...I need to take it one day at a time!

Happy Sunday ya'll and enjoy my sweaty mug post-run!


  1. I'm the same way! I keep my eating under control until it hits about 5pm, then I find myself super munchy! I've slipped up this weekend too, but I'm ready to put it behind me and move forward!!

  2. Motivation ebbs and flows, you got this girl! I know you have been binging and that is a nasty cycle to continue, but step back a minute and see the big picture. Are you still binging on chocolate or cake or doritos and crap like that or have you changed your lifestyle? Binging is going to happen, and while that is not OK, it is something that holds on to us and takes a considerable amount of effort to control. We all slip but you haven't let it define you and you make me proud babe! You are now at week 9 and dare I say it, you are enjoying the run aren't you? Totes amazeballs! So, so proud of you, you are almost running a 5K non-stop and that is such a huge accomplishment, how many other people do you know that can do that? You look fantastic love.

  3. Hi :)

    First of all congratulations on your weight loss so far! My name is Emilio I'm from Argentina and I'm losing weight too!

    Whenever I don't feel motivated to stay on the track or workout I normally force myself to do it anyways. Once I start to eat healthy or to workout then motivation comes alone!

    Hope you find the strength to keep going!!!


  4. i have been struggling too -- soooo sucks! and the period monster is just an evil heinous bitch -- like this isn't hard enough, right?
    but all we can do is stay focused on the BIG PRIZE and keep trudging along.
    you are so inspirational -- even on your worst days -- don't ever forget that!