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Saturday, August 11, 2012

W8D3 Weekend Warrior

What a freaking crazy week!!! I have been running nonstop it seems. On Tuesday evening I took my mom out for her birthday. I took her to the casino for an overnight fun girls only vacation! We had a great time! I won $45.37...but then I spent it on our dinner, so actually it worked out well. I didn't end up spending any money at the casino! WOO! I booked our hotel room with credit card reward points too so that wasn't any money out of pocket for me. I'm frugal if nothing else!!!

So after our awesome night, we drove home Wednesday and I've been doing some megacleaning. Everything needs to be in tip-top shape. But on that day, we got up late and I ended up not running. I was exhausted...which made it even harder to get up today and go! I REALLY struggled with this run. It's SUPER hot and humid...it was horrible. I had to struggle for every breath!

But I had an awesome pace of 15:14/mile and ran 1.84 miles straight! 2.35 miles incuding the warmup/cooldown. So that's not too shabby. When I was running I felt like death though! Especially because I was at the track and it was boring. I have found that I like running on the road because there's fun and interesting stuff to see. It's notjust running in circles... bleh. And I found today that running on the track you encounter more people...special, rude people. Like the woman who was talking on her bluetooth while walking? I thought she was talking to me as I ran by (she was talking about the weather) and I was said "Woof yeah it's hot!". Well she looked at me like I kicked her in the ass instead of adding to a conversation I thought we were having...

Then I felt like I was being judged by her so I hurried my pace. But of course, running in a circle I came across her again but ignored her. Oh well! It takes all types. And hey, she could be sitting on her ass talking on the phone. At least she was out walking while doing it, right?

Anyway, it was my father's birthday on Monday and my brother's birthday on Friday (yes there are a ton of summer birthdays!) so we went out to dinner last night. Eating this week...not that good. And I can definitely feel it. I'm bloated and feel like crap. Which could also have to do in part to Aunt Flow's impending visit!! But still, I need to get back on track. I have healthy food, I just need to make good choices!

So...I talked about some big news my last post. And I'm still working through it...deciding what I should do about everything! And p.s. I'm not pregnant, so don't worry about that! ;) I'm leaving you today with one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things in the world. And it has gotten me through so many things...because it makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it.

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