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Saturday, August 4, 2012



Seriously, today was probably the worst run of my life. I was at a bonfire last night and I stayed up late. Then when I finally got home and undressed and into bed, it was nearly midnight. The next thing I knew, my alarm was going off and I was exhausted. I hit snooze...I NEVER hit snooze. I've never done it before in my life. But then I was like, I don't want to hear my alarm again...so I got up. It was a struggle getting my butt moving. And I kept second guessing myself. I was like "Hey you could always run tomorrow". Or "hey your 5K isn't until October, you don't have to do this today". But I told my brain to SHUT UP!

However...I did have to stop during my warm up.

Because I saw two random ass cows hanging out in the woods on my street. I do not live in a rural neighborhood. I live in a very active community because there are over 100 condos AND a hotel on my street. It's quiet but it's not rural, if that makes sense. I'm so sorry for the picture quality. There were so many brushes and weeds and it was hard to get a picture of them through the trees. You can't even see the second cow here. He was laying down.

Holy COW. Behind that cow is a large fence and then behind that fence is I-91... so I was not expecting to see any cows. They also were not fenced in and they didn't seem to have any tags. I wonder if they were part of a rogue gang of street cows...

Anyway... back to my run. I struggled HARD through this run today. I also changed my course a little bit. Which actually made me run up an even BIGGER hill at the end. Straight uphill there and it was BRUTAL. By the end of my run I was so out of breath I felt like I was going to puke...so I pulled the pace back a bit. My overall pace was 16:15/min per mile.And I ran  1.73 miles without stopping...2.21 miles today w/ warmup and cooldown. That is not too shabby! And it would have been more but at the end of my run I literally stopped to smell some flowers. Which smelled nasty...and now I'm sneezing. Hmph.

After my run I decided to reward myself with a cup of iced coffee. I have been making it at home so I was like, you go girl! Saving money, living healthier...but after my run I got into the car and blasted the AC (SO NICE) and went to my little Dukin Donuts. THEY WERE CLOSED. The sign was stripped off...I am not sure if they went out of bussiness or are getting an overhaul. But then I was like BUT I WANT COFFEE! And I was already out! So I ended up driving to the next closest one (which isn't close at all, damnit) and at least my coffee is good...and they were friendly. But I defeinitely didn't want to go that far out of my way. Bleh.

Tonight I'm going to see Twelfth Night with some friends of mine from college! It is going to be so fun. They do this outdoor Shakespearean theatre at our alma mater and it's always amazing. Now I just have to pray it doesn't rain (if it does they just do the performance inside). More exciting news to come bloggy peeps...I may have some life changing news soon ;) I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy a picture of my sweaty ass self! Happy Saturday!


  1. Good job pushing yourself to get up. Those cows would have scared the bejesus out me! Not that they gave a hoot you were out running no doubt, but still. Those cow gangs can get shifty.

    I make my own iced coffee too. I like mine soooo much better than going out for one now.

  2. good job on getting up and out running. Some days it can be hard.

    The cows made me smile. I run by some long horns every run. of course, I live in very far suburbs of a metro area and one day a coyote chasing a deer crossed my running path just yards in front of me.

    You also made me miss Dunkin donuts iced coffee. Haven't had any since I moved from the Boston area many years ago.