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I'm Kate. I'm 25 and a busy nurse journeying through life! I'm restarting my weight loss journey! I started off with Jenny Craig but now I'm doing it on my own with the support of my beautiful bloggy friends!

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two posts in one day!? Lucky you! Revisiting 30 before 30

When I first started this journey, I wrote a 30 before 30 list on July 30, 2011. A list of things I want to accomplish before I turn 30! I decided today as I was waiting for my mom to get ready for the day...I swear she takes hours to get ready...to evaluate where I am!

1) Be able to go shopping and fit into “normal sized” clothes. - Getting there! Wearing a size Medium in Old Navy Tank tops. Still wearing about a size 18/20 up to 22 depending on the store.

2) Hike up Talcott Mountain in CT - Need to do this! This is my summer!

3) Get my APRN (nurse practitioner certification) - Not yet ready to start this.

4) Completely redo my 70s bathroom - I am actively saving for this! Got an estimate and I'm looking at about 5-8,000 to gut and redo the bathroom! However I have a heat pump from the 70s and if that goes first, it's getting fixed first.

5) Get a tattoo -Not yet! I'm waiting for goal weight.

6) Learn to Grill

7) Visit Canada! Road trip anyone?

8) Participate in a triathalon - IN TRAINING!

9) Buy a car with 4WD – being a homecare nurse out in blizzards without 4wd stinks!

10) Be able to do real pushups!

11) Learn to dance –without causing major injuries to everyone in my general area

12) Master the Spanish Language

13) Go to Mexico and Spain!

14) Go on a goodwill trip with Doctors without Borders or another similar agency!

15) Be part of a live studio audience –at the Talk? The View? Jerry Springer? Looks fun!

16) Get married and have kid(s)

17) Start acting again! Audition for plays! - Would love to do this. Maybe this year?

18) Buy stock in Frank’s Hotsauce – I eat enough of it to drive shares up I’m sure.

19) TMI - get a bikini wax? I’m scared.

20) Skydive! - EEP!?

21) Visit Hawaii

22) When I reach my goal weight, have a sexy photo shoot. Lingerie anyone?

23) Go on a whale watch

24) Run…not a 25k or a 5k…just be able to run. The rest will fall into place

25) Pay off all my student loans

26) Get myself something designer! Jeans, dress, something flashy when I reach goal

27) See the Aurora Borealis

28) Karaoke in public…never done it before. Hopefully I can muster my strength! Tequila anyone?

29) Make a difference in one person’s life. - Maybe I have?

30) Become a success story!


  1. I really wish I had kept my 30 by 30 list but it disappeared somewhere. You are doing great!
    Thanks for the lovin', I was feeling pretty bummed about the whole running thing.
    Where is your motivation waning? Is it the food or the exercise, or just in general? We gotta fix it for you girl, you have come wayyyy too far to let a motivation hiccup derail you. You can do this!

  2. I just hiked Talcott Mtn this morning! The first 10 minutes are really steep, but then it is just gorgeous and kind of a stroll! Get on it...it's also great in the fall because you can see the pickin' patch pumpkins in the field when you look out from the top (it's freakin adorable!) Go for it!