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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

W9D2 and My Near Death Experience


Today I went out for my run and I thought, you know what? I'm going to change things up today! La la la, little blonde girl goes running and decides, HEY! THERE'S A BUSY STREET! LET'S GO RUN ON IT! I thought there was a sidewalk. Turns out, there was. But this is the busiest street in my town and directly off the highway. AND the sidewalk is on the OTHER side of the street. There are no crosswalks or anything so I just started running. AS FAST AS I COULD to try and get back to my street. Holy crap. I was SPRINTING straight uphill as huge tractor trailers and SUVs and cars and motorcycles went by. Holy Crap.

I was sooo proud when I got home. Then I realized my GPS crapped out a couple times so it looked like I ran LESS than usual. Which didn't make me happy. A few times the GPS has me standing still and believe me, I was not standing still! I felt like I was in the damn Olympics when I was running up this GIANT hill as cars are coming at me and I'm running on people's grass.

So after nearly dying, I called my mom and talked to her about it. And relaxed while drinking a huge glass of water. Then I hopped in the shower and afterwards made myself an awesome healthy breakfast! I did 1/2 cup egg beaters (which is equal to 2 eggs), 1oz of cheddar cheese and a mini bagel. And more water! It was awesome!!!! SO YUMMY!

It's Tax Free week in CT so I did a lot of shopping. I got some clothing for running and especially now that it's getting cooler (which I LOVE!). I also bought the Hunger Games DVD, I have a $3 off coupon on Kcup packs so I bought those (they were also on sale), and LOTS of healthy food! Tonight I am planning on making some stuffed zucchini boats for dinner with some fresh zucchini and squash I got at the farm on Sunday! I am working on making healthy dinners!

Last night I had a GREAT dinner and I used up a ton of stuff in my fridge and pantry. Soft tacos, yay!

Plans for the day include writing a letter to a friend who just started bootcamp, dishes, laundry, and relaxing! YAY! Also I weighed in this morning...not really happy with the number, 266.9. It could be worse. But I'm working on making it a whole lot better!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. I was picturing you doing this... LOL I could imagine the expressions on your face too :P
    I'd be running for my life...lol
    Man those tacos look amazing!!!

  2. Good for you with the run! I would be freaking out!

    Post a pic of those zucchini boats if you can, they sound cool!

  3. Hi! You need to post a picture of the zucchini boats! It sounds quite good!

    I'm guessing you live in the States. I spent a year there (Portland, OR) and I was quite confused with the lack of sidewalks sometimes too!! I can't remember which bridge it was but there was one that it only had sidewalks on one side. Of course I did not know that beforehand and trust me the drivers did not find that funny :P

    Have a good week!