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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eating Out Success

Tonight I had a wonderful evening planned with two good friends. We went to see Richard III in the outdoor theatre at our alma mater! It's something I do every year, it's 'Shakespeare in the park' amped up. And the performance did NOT dissapoint! I suggest anyone in the CT area to go see it, it will just blow your mind.

Half the fun of going is bringing a picnic and enjoying it outdoors. I debated back and forth about whether I wanted to bring a JC meal I already cooked and bring my snack...but I have not eaten out since starting my JC journey and after having purchased the new dining out guide, I wanted to test my mettle. I want to start with the disclaimer that I believe that I did a great job first of all resisting all the temptations and made a good choice based on my dining guide and my plan.

My JCC may have other ideas...during my session on Wednesday we talked about going out and I got a lot of mixed messages. Yes, I am on JC but I also have a life and I want to enjoy going out occasionally. SO using the guide I picked out that I was going to have a cup of chicken noodle soup and half of the mediterranean veggie sandwich and bring my salad from lunch with just a small amount of dressing...total calories, WELL WITHIN RANGE. Not to mention I was not eating my JC snack, I saved my fruit AND both my milks to have at this meal. The exchanges worked out and I may have splurged a little bit...but I didn't think it would break the bank.

And what I got in return was a kind of snotty 'well you can do what you want'. So...I did. I made great choices while I was out, I had my cup of chicken noodle soup and half a sandwich (as reccomended in my JC Dining Out Guide if I might point that out) and ate about 1/2 of my salad before I knew I was full. Good choices all around if you ask me! Not to mention I was very active today and I'm not going to let my perception of my JCC's attitude deter me from enjoying!

We will see what the almighty scale has to say about it next Wednesday!


  1. I think you did great! And, that sounds like Panera. If so, that tomato-ey bread is so worth it. Med Veggie is my favorite! Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow!

  2. Yes it was! And I enjoyed every single bite. I ate slowly and I savored it!!! It's not every day after all. I totally resisted the popcorn, soda, candy and junk being sold at the consessions stands too! Even though both my friends got candy and repeatedly offered me some. I said no with a smile! And I felt good!

  3. Hey Kate,
    I think you made good choices also. I hear yah about the JCC. I had to switch mine because my other one was all about the food and me buying as much as I can.
    I LOVE my new JCC. She is my age and she's great. She understands that yes we DO have lives but we can make JC work! I go to the Manchester, CT JC. :) Good Luck!!!

  4. Snotty JCC are not a good thing. I think you rocked it!