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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Went to my BBQ today as planned! I ate a cheesy baked potato for lunch and added extra broccoli to it! I've never done that before but last night I made a steam fresh bag and added some to my chicken fettucine PLUS some cracked black pepper-- oh man, this was so much better than a restaurant! I was telling my friend about it and she was so jealous! I added about 3/4 of the bag to my chicken fettucini but I had about half a cup left over so I thought, why not! Add it to my potato!

I didn't have a meat serving at lunch so I saved it for dinner. At the BBQ I had a hamburger, I checked the exchanges in my dining out guide, it was a small patty and I added just about a teaspoon of ketchup to it. To the picnic I brought a HUGE green salad and I covered my plate it in --I went back for salad twice and I only added a tiny bit of dressing. Then someone made macaroni salad and I did really well, I only had about five noodles. I did not drink! I bought Polar seltzer on sale at Stop and Shop and I brought my favorite kind (mandarin orange) and kept refilling my glass. I used my meat portion from lunch to have a small hot dog (no bun). Honestly, I didn't go off the plan at all as far as I'm concerned and I still have calories left over to have my Jenny snack tonight as planned!!!

Look at me go!! I used to be unable to resist macaroni and potato salad...those are my WEAKNESS. But I barely ate more than two tablespoons of it!! I loaded up on the salad and stayed focused! I can do this! :D

I think I'm going to reward myself with triple chocolate cheesecake tonight!

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