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I'm Kate. I'm 25 and a busy nurse journeying through life! I'm restarting my weight loss journey! I started off with Jenny Craig but now I'm doing it on my own with the support of my beautiful bloggy friends!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I went in for my first weigh in this morning and I was so nervous. It's stupid, right? I've been following my plan perfectly.

This week I went to a lovely graduation party for my best friend and I did a 'meal on my own'. JC has a very structured meal plan but they do encourage you to go out on your own. I think I did really well. I had a huge salad with low cal dressing, a big amount of fruit salad, and then had about 5 ziti noodles, three meatballs, a chicken wing, and three shrimp. I had saved my meat serving from lunch too so it made everything perfect. Then I 'splurged' on some cake. But the point was I didn't overdo it on the fattening stuff and filled up on salad and fruit!

Another thing I've been doing is I put Frank's hot sauce on EVERYTHING. You think I'm kidding? I eat it with breakfast, my favorite is the breakfast scramble which I douse in hot sauce. Lunch I douse it over a baked potato or other JC entree. And dinner is no exception! I LOVE the way it compliments my delicious Jenny food. I also love to add jalapeno to my food too. I'm a bit of a spicy freak...but I think it's paying off! Capsacin which is in hot peppers and hot sauce boosts metabolism. And with all the yummy hot food I've been eating, I think it's definitely kicked up!


I could not be more excited. I celebrated with a sunshine sandwich doused in hot sauce with jalapeno on top...and I'm looking forward to a great week on my plan!


  1. I also put hot peppers and hot sauce on lots of foods! I always liked spicy foods but I found when I started Jenny Craig adding spice to my meals became like an addiction. I love steaming green beans and adding sriracha, light soy and stevia powder; super spicy but delish!