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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blessed Pasover and Happy Easter to All! (Tons of Pictures)

Hi Everyone!

I had an amazing weekend so far full of family and fun! I got up early on Saturday morning and went down and hit the second hand shops. If anyone's in the CT area, there's a place in Southington that's called Uptown Consignment...Holy CRAP! I made out like a BANDIT! I have to show you some of what I got! Also (not pictured) I made out at goodwill and got 2 sweatshirts to wear over my scrubs while I'm working, one for 2.50 and one for 5.00! And then at Old Navy later I got a new tank top and another new sweatshirt to replace my old raggedy ones for $16 total!

All in all I got a totally awesome, brand new wardrobe for less than 100 bucks including something you wil NOT BELIEVE!

SUPER cute funky dress. Its a size 14 but man I'm going to be there soon! 8 BUCKS!

Size 18 Lane Bryant Jeans... 4 BUCKS!!!!!!!

Size Large cute shirt! 4 bucks!

Daisy Fuentes super cute shirt... 4 bucks!

Earrings on clearance, 2.50 a pair!

$1 RING!

Me a little bit sleepy, in my $0.99 sweater, it a LARGE!

Yes...this is a Louis Vuitton...that I bought for $18!!!!!! I don't know if its a knockoff but its SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man I had a great shopping weekend. Eating hasn't been too bad! I splurged a bit, have eaten a little Easter Candy but have been focusing on eating a lot of fruit and sticking to plan!!! Looking forward to the easter dinner I'll be cooking, woo! Brussels sprouts, ham, lima beans, carrot & turnip, WOO! And I bought my parents an Edible Arrangement for Easter so we've been eating tons of fresh fruits. AND ITS SO CUTE!

This is what it looks like:

Yummy, super healthy and everyone was happy!!! Love it!

I want to wish everyone a blessed Easter and Passover. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend too!


  1. with the LV, there should be an item number tag on the inside zip pocket so you can register it online in case it's ever lost.

    You really did make out there. I haven't had such luck at the second hand stores here in Idaho... but I'm really happy that I'm the one donating 3x clothing for another girl out there looking to have some nice clothing. :)

  2. I love scoring deals on clothes - you really did make out like a bandit! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

  3. oooh now I want to go shopping! LOL

  4. Amazing! I just love that dress, I would totally wear it myself. Happy Easter <3

  5. WOW, I love your new wardrobe!! Maybe in a couple months, I'll have to look to see if I have any consignment stores with things like that!

    Also, I love love love Edible Arrangements. Yum!