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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Up and Adam Weigh In Wednesday!

Hi all!

Today is already busy...and I kind of wish I had time to sleep in and relax! I hurt my neck something fierce yesterday and I don't know what happened! I had already seen two patients and then I was stepping out of my car and grabbed my bag, then I got a horrible shooting pain in my neck! It felt like I had a huge kink and it was worse on the left side than the right. I nursed it for the day, took some tylenol but man! That hurt! It's a little better today but it's still nagging at me. Thankfully I'm going to the doctor today...

This in itself is a huge NSV. I have been avoiding going to the doctor since I started gaining back the weight I lost in 2008. In 2006 at my pre-college physical, I had an APRN ask me in a very rude manner "Have you ever heard of Weight Watchers?" And then proceeded to tell me in the rudest way possible that I was, no sugar coating it, fat. Let me just tell you that as a healthcare providor when I'm discussing weight management and diet, I don't go in with guns blazing. It really turned me off and I refused to go in for any reason...until June 2010 when I started having very severe menstural bleeding. If this is TMI stop here! I was passing clots the size of lemons and had been having my period for 3 weeks straight at this point and was very dizzy and weak. She told me after a 2 minute exam that the reason this was happening was because I was fat and I really needed to see a specialist. So...I went to see a GYN specialist who I love! He is amazing...and he really helped me get back on track. He said I had some insulin resistance and PCOS. And as a courtesy had my records faxed over to my PCP...

So the APRN calls me and starts hollering about how I have diabetes. LOL. I do NOT have diabetes. I wasn't even close to being at the A1C level of being diagnosed with diabetes. But this just goes to show you how she is...thankfully I've been told she isn't a part of this practice anymore. I'm seeing a different APRN who I hope is better. After all, it's taken me 4 years and 50+ pounds lost to be comfortable enough to go back. And yes, to anyone who wishes to know, nurses are the worst patients in the world! We know what's going on and we're not going to take a doctor's BS...unless something is going to fall off or I might die imminently, I'm guilty of "just letting it go" all too often, lol. Not that I get sick that much or have needed a doctor....especially now that I'm feeling so amazing!

So, weigh in time! Last time I weighed in was on Saturday! So I wasn't expecting too much...

Previous Weigh In: 257
Today's Weigh In (4/4/12): 255.8 (-1.2)
Pounds Until Goal: 20.8

I realized that I didn't set a weight goal properly. I didn't give a number...and this one is a huge one for me. In 20.8 pounds...I will be at my HALFWAY GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?

Today I'm also seeing my LCSW, we have so much to talk about!! And tonight I'm going out with Brian again...I'm kind of excited! We're going to see the Hunger Games movie and then going out for a late bite at the Cheesecake Factory. I already have my calories figured out for going out tonight and everything is track. Staying on plan is very important to me! I even spared a few calories for cheesecake! WOO! The movie is at 6:15 and dinner probably won't happen until 9 or so...so I may or may not update you on the date tonight. But never fear, tomorrow's a new day!


  1. Have fun tonight! The firs APRN sounds like fresh hell to me.

  2. have a great time on your date. And I am glad you are feeling better about yourself... that is huge. :)

  3. I have to disagree...Nurses make awful patients...but try having a doctor as a patient in the ER...that was some sort of evil joke on me...thanks universe!