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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Update!

Hi friends!

Finally Friday was my last day at my job...and it really was a nice day. I started my day extra early in the morning so I could get done by midafternoon, chart and turn my things in! So I was up by 5...although I really didn't sleep well the night before. And started seeing patients at around 7am. I bounced around the state until noon when I had finished getting everyone situated and in place, then it was back to the office to chart. I first ended up giving my patient report and ended up missing everone ordering lunch...so while everyone else ate, I just got to work on my charting. There was a lovely cake and a card and they bought me this delicious smelling tropical candle, which was nice. And I also wrote a thank you note to everyone which they seemed to like. I felt like everything was very tense and strained.

I had a nice conversation with my boss and she told me if I ever wanted to come back, they'd be happy to hire me. So that was nice! I think the initial bitterness after I gave my notice was gone! So I think it was good...I ended my day aroun 3:30 and came home to relax and get ready for my date with Brian!

The date started off badly...it was insane at the little shopping plaza and parking took me 20 minutes. It shouldn't have but for some reason people don't know how to drive! And then the wait at the restaurant was 45 minutes! Since all I'd really had to eat was cake at this point...I really was not feeling that good. But Brian was nice and we ended up really talking and getting to know one another...and now that we did that, I really think it really allowed me to see him better as a person. We talked about plans for the future and past relationships as well...and when I left I was feeling very off center about things, I needed to talk it out in my own head and with friends. I really didn't eat much at the restaurant we were talking so much...so after we parted ways I did something really bad...I binged. Yeah, I know...I thought I was past this too. I felt sooo sick after. I did it because I was nervous and unsure and...it was bad.

But I got back on track immediately on Saturday and am following through with good choices today. My mom and I are going to NEWPORT, Rhode Island! WOOOOOO! My mom got her official walking papers at work....she's losing her job next month and she does get severence but I felt like she could really use a weekend away. And what better time than when I have a whole week off work??? We're staying at the Jailhouse Inn in Newport, it looks so cute! We like little quaint places like that! And we're doing a wine tour, seeing the mansions, shopping, and having a fantastic time!!!!!! I'm super looking forward to it!!

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I'll leave you with this picture of our inn!

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  1. Have a great time with your mom! I love little places like that, it looks so cute. Keep making good choices :)