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Monday, April 9, 2012

RFS Week 2 Check in and Goals!

Hi all!
After my Easter shopping success I have a lot of nice "new" clothes to wear! And that's good...because Brian and I are going out on Wednesday. Or should I say staying in? He'll be coming over here, with the full knowledge that nothing is going to happen, ahem. But I'm going to be cooking and showing him my place! My mom and her friends from work are coming over on Thursday for a healthy Mexican fiesta prepared by me, so I really needed Wednesday to get things ready...and I'll tell you more about the big changes coming up in my life after that day! YAY! Lots of exciting things happening and now to my Ready for Summer goals!


1) Go through my closet and purge the clothes that are too big when my new clothes arrive!
2) Hit up the donation box at goodwill and donate the scrubs in size 3x that are way too big! - I didn't actually get a chance to go donate things, with the hustle and bustle of Easter I totally forgot!

3) Eat up the things in my fridge and freezer. Doing a great job with this!

Weight Loss Goal:

** I am weighing on on wednesday. Looking for a 1lb weight loss since Saturday! Lost OVER a pound YAY!

Nutritional Goal:

1) Track religiously on Sparkpeople.
2) Make good choices eating out and on Easter!- I definitely made good choices eating out and made PRETTY good choices on Easter. I could definitely have made some better choices, like not eating a Cadbury egg...but I'm not feeling bad about it!

3) Increase fresh fruit/veggie intake.

1) Walk x 7 days
2) Exercise Bike x1

3) Try a new exercise!  - The Exercise is stil lacking. I am doing a lot more walking and HARDER walks but I just can't seem to motivate myself to do more. This needs to get fixed.

Goals for the Upcoming Week!

1) Clean the house DEEP CLEANING!!!!

2) Get the old raggedy chair to the dumpster.

3) Use lotion Daily - I bought Jergens with the tanning stuff in it so you just use a little every day and it looks like you're tan! I'm so fair that I can't tan so I'm going to be using this!

Weight Goal:

** 1 pound Loss - After Easter I'm not expecting a huge loss, fingers crossed!

Nutritional Goal:

1) Stay on track while having people over to eat.

2) Track Religiously on Sparkpeople

3) Try a new recipe.


1) Walk x 7 days

2) Exercise Bike x 2 days

3) Weights x 3 days


  1. great job meeting your goals and great upcoming goals. Have fun this week with Brian and your family.

  2. Looks like you've got some really great goals! Gutting the house sounds like a good time. Spring! Time to freshen up the place!

  3. Good job meeting most of your goals this week. I'm excited to hear from you later this week about big changes! good luck this week with life, weight loss, and the date :)

  4. Have a fun date night. =) Ad good luck with week 3!

  5. Good job! Have an awesome date night/healthy mexican party!