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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From the Doctor's Office

So I had my MD appointment today and this is an APRN that I've never seen before. I really liked her! She was very supportive of my weight loss and was happy I had lost weight. So that was good, I don't have any compliants medically. And she said she was very impressed I had come in for a physical after such a long time!

One thing we're going to be watching (And I'm seeing my endocrine guy for an ultrasound/biopsy on Friday the 13th (EEK!)) is that the APRN found some lumps in my THYROID! She showed me where they were (one on my neck near my trachea and a couple of smaller ones down further on the opposite side). Thyroid nodules usually aren't anything to worry about...most of them aren't cancer but...it's worrisome. I also have a couple of moles she wants to watch but she said it's nothing serious. But Friday the 13th I go in for a full GYN workup and to have these nodules ultrasounded and biopsied there in the office if they look suspicious. I called my boss and took that day off. so I can recuperate..I also need to have bloodwork done on that day blah. But at least they have an on-site lab!

Good thing I went!!

One thing I didn't particularly care for was the medical assistant they have. I don't know why they keep her around! She BARELY speaks English which is not a problem generally but she doesn't listen. And apparantly doesn't know how to take vital signs. She took my height...which on previous visits she has told me I'm 5'6. I am NOT 5'6. My mother is 5'6 and I'm a great deal taller than her. Well today she finally figured that out and was like "Oh you grew two inches from your last appointment.". No I didn't. You don't know how to measure someone. And then she took my BP and said it was 130/80. That is INSANE! I usually run low! So the APRN decided to take it after she saw the reading and my previous readings from other visits...what did she get? 112/72. That's where my BP usually is.  She even took it on the other side to be sure and it was the same.

It pisses me off when people don't listen to me. I also told her that my weight was 255.8 today and she proceeded to weigh me anyway. With my shoes, my coat, and a heavy sweater, jeans, I was 259 so...that's actually good. I had also eaten breakfast and lunch at this point. I wasn't too concerned about it. I know where I stand with my weight loss! But the woman just doesn't listen! Oh well, we'll find out what happens!

Hope everyone is having a good day.


  1. You did it! You went to the doctors.

  2. I have few questions:
    How large is the biggest nodule is it fixed and shows soghns of blood flow and calcification. can you feel it yourself?

  3. Good on you for going. It's always better to have things checked, better safe than sorry right. Also, I totally agree about the not listening part. That pisses me off beyond reason. It's not THAT hard!