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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Having a Tough Time

These last couple weeks, I feel really overwhelmed. Things at work are very stressful and I've had a couple of patients who are really making my life miserable. I go so far above and beyond for these people, I don't think they even understand how much time and effort goes into keep them safe, healthy and at home. And yet for some reason, they're pitching hissy fits and cancelling services, refusing to let me come out to discharge them. And to make it worse some of the other nurses I work with love to badmouth each other behind their backs...I had to go in to get a PPD today and I heard them gossiping about me and how I suck at my job. Great. Just what I wanted to hear.

Seriously? I am so done.

I ate like crap this week and I know it. I mean, I stuck to my Jenny Craig almost every day but on Wednesday I had chinese food. I allotted it into my calories and I just ate a little bit of the rice and chicken, then THREW IT AWAY! But I finished my wonton soup, which was what I really wanted. Then the next day I went out to dinner with my mom after a horrible day. I caught myself stress eating Sunday night for no reason. I swear the last couple days I've just been so depressed. I've been crying and I feel overwhelmed. I feel like no one values what I do and that no one appreciates me. Then I feel bad because I feel like I'm being selfish. It's not all about me...

In short, I just have had a rotten couple weeks. I can't wait for my Ireland trip. I had a meeting on Saturday with the people who are going. I'm the only person under 65 going on this trip. Oh well. I'll meet some hot Irishmen and dance some calories away? A girl can dream! I just need a break. I'm off tomorrow and I'm planning on destressing, getting things ready for Ireland, and not thinking about work. At all. It's a hard thing to do for me but I'm seriously losing my sanity. And to top it off I'm on this weekend. UGH.

Okay this pity party is over. I'm moving on, hoping to just maintain this week before I kick my butt into gear for next week. I'm so close to making my 40lb goal that I can taste it!! I need to stop tasting junk and focus on moving my hiney!

Have a good day everyone <3 Skinny vibes to my Wednesday Weighers!

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  1. I hate that you're going through such a rough time, dear! I was thinking about you earlier, and wondering where you'd been. Keep your head up and hang in there!!!