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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Update

Well...I did really poorly with eating this weekend. I mean, it wasn't the worst but I definitely won't be winning any prizes. On Friday night my mom came over and on Saturday morning we went out to breakfast. I made good choices, had my Jenny Craig lunch and then I went to dinner with my best friend from highschool. I made good choices at dinner too but then we went to Price Chopper and she bought salt and vinegar chips and cookies. Well...let's just say I ate a few too many. And this morning I made some poor choices, haven't been eating the best...but I am ready to get back on track. I actually don't feel good. I haven't enjoyed eating like crap at all...

I did get some exercise but nothing over the top. And I almost had a freaking heart attack because I couldn't find my wallet. I looked EVERYWHERE. Finally I called the restaurant from last night and they said they found it in the parking lot. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I about had a nervous breakdown!! I have a stress headache now.

This work week looks absolutely insane. I don't even know. But what I do know is that I am comitted to eating healthy. I have three beautiful pumpkins! Enjoy this blurry cell phone picture of them! :D And I got fresh apples...yum yum yum!!!

Happy Fall Everyone!

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  1. October is the month of all months! I love Oktoberfests, beer, pumpkin patches, apples, crisp autumn weather, orange & black and Halloween! That happened to me before with my wallet, I was a wreck! It sucked big time.

    Back on track sister, your body hates you for eating junk. For real. It does, it told me - now stop!