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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tiring Thursday

Today is a long day for me. I've been out early seeing patients and I have one late visit in a not-so-nice section of Hartford tonight. It isn't the worst area...and I do adore the patients there...but I really wish that I could actually catch a break. I've been working like a dog the last week. Lots of patients with a lot going on, very intense wound care...I have to say that a lot of my exercise comes from dressing wounds, ahaha. You are moving people's legs, holding them up, wrapping, applying alginate, bending over to measure, putting on TIGHT compression stockings...woo, that is a workout! Believe me!

Friday looks pretty amazing though. I only have a few visits and they're in the morning...so I can finally come home and make a dent in all of the things I need to get done! Today marks exactly 30 days until I leave for Ireland!! I can't believe it! That means I have one month to lose 6.6 pounds AND earn my next minigoal prize which is a CAMERA. I better get my buns moving. It shouldn't be too hard because I WON TARYN'S GIVEAWAY! WOOO!

Taryn writes Fat Girl in A Skinny World and if you don't already follow her, I would highly reccomend it! She is awesome...and her boyfriend picked my name out of a bowl! She's awesome and her man has good taste in sticky notes with my name on them :D

Food wise I've been very good the last couple days. On Wednesday I went to IHop with my friend Katie. They have a new simple and fit menu and they have egg white omelettes that are outstanding and are served with fruit! Very appropriate for those watching their intake! And then we went shopping!!!! I bought a cute new jean skirt on clearance and a pair of jeans...since most of my clothes are getting way too big. YAY! I also got an adorable carryon bag for when I go travelling this year, to Ireland and to Italy! And finally replaced my faithful pair of black flats that I've owned for 8 years...the strap broke on them over a year ago but I haven't had the heart to get rid of them. I'm still not sure I do but I have adorable ones from Payless (BOGO going on now!) that I love!

I made buffalo chicken in my crock pot the other night and I've been eating it for lunches...it's soo good. I did 1.3lbs of chicken (that's how much came in the package) and 12oz of hotsauce. Threw it in the crock pot on low for 6 hours. Shredded the chicken and viola! That makes 12 (1/4 cup) servings of meat! I've been eating it on a 100calorie sandwich thin with onion, shredded lettuce and fat free blue cheese...to die for. And SO filling for 238 calories. Can you possibly go wrong? I don't think so! The chicken is a little bit higher in sodium because of the hot sauce...but it's not that bad. Honestly if you went to a restaurant and got a buffalo chicken sandwich you'd be look at way more fat, calories and sodium that that!

Looking forward to Jenny Craig Chicken Carbonara tonight. I am sauteeing mushrooms and I add a little bit of Kraft grated parmesean (2tsp for 20 calories) to jazz it up! I also put on cracked black pepper, garlic powder, and 1/2 teaspoon of Sriracha for good measure. Yum yum! Have a great day everyone! Looking forward to the weekend!!


  1. I am starving and reading about your food is making it worse. I'm happy you wont Taryn's drawing, can't wait to see what comes in the package! :)

  2. Ok, your sandwich sounds so good (minus the blue cheese, lol), but tell me a bit more about how you make it. Is it really hot? I dont use hot sauce for anything (even though I like a bite to some things, my kids are not all that fond), so I'm not sure where to start with this.

  3. Hah sorry April!!

    Lori, the blue cheese dressing (or you can use ranch dressing) cools it down. It is spicy the way I make it but if you want to cut the heat, I'd do about 4-5oz of hot sauce and the rest do low sodium chicken broth or water to make up 12oz of fluid. Then cook in your crock pot on low for 6 hrs, the same way. It's really a dump and go recipe. Chicken and liquid into crock pot, cook, and I shredded it with two forks. I just pulled the chicken apart. Yum!