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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

C25K W3D3 + Weigh in Wednesday

Let's start with my weigh in...exactly the damn same again this week. Which is a MIRACLE because I have been eating like crap. Why? I don't even know. I have been unable to control myself over the week... on Monday I didn't bring my lunch with me to work so consequently when I got home at 3pm, I was starving. Instead of eating healthy food, I ate pizza...damn it. Then on Tuesday there was candy at the office and I ate cowtails for breakfast instead of good brain food. Ugh. I am DEDICATED and back on track today. I took a REALLY HARD RUN this morning...

Running on the track is great because its flat and the ground is made of this rubbery material that helps cushion you when you run. It is not like running on the street...and today that's what I did. Not only on the street but up a couple BIG hills! This was a freaking HUGE challenge because when I went out to run at 7am, it was already 70 degrees and extremely humid. So humid that you couldn't even draw a good breath in. But you know what? I RAN. And I ran as hard as I could. Yes, up hills! Where I live is a very hilly area and the biggest challenge is this one straight uphill that of course I was doing a running interval during it, ouch! Still my time was NOT that bad and I ran over a mile this morning. Excellent!

I was very tired after my run but I have the AC blasting and YAY! It felt good. I was sweating so hard I took a picture AFTER my shower for you...and I still am alll red. Please note that in order to cool my condo, (I live on the third floor) I have to keep all the shades and curtains closed. It's actually a gorgeous sunny day out. And it was beautiful torun in despite the humidity.

I did get myself a little present today...although it is VERY necessary. The running pants I staarted in keep sliding down my butt. Like...to the point where I have to run and hold them up with the other hand. I've pulled the string as tight as they can go! And today I took to wearing a pair of Spanx that I had bought when I was at my highest weight...so they're kind of like just regular workout capris. They're not tight but they're also not falling off my booty. But at Target I got myself 2 pairs of running capris and I think it's going to be very helpful! At least now I don't have to do laundry EVERY time I want to run. I prefer to do laundry just once a week. I'm lazy like that...

Anyhow, remember to stay hydrated today if you're someplace that's hot. And enjoy this gorgous day!


  1. i love it when the stretchy pants that you buy to be tight start falling down when you're working out... that to me says "PROGRESS!"

  2. How awesome is that feeling when your pants start falling down? I mean, it is proof that the running is working, I found it so super liberating when it first happened to me. Don't worry, I used to still be red, hot and sweaty after a shower too, that eases up after a while, your body starts working more efficiently and you cool down a lot better after. Humidity is really bad in the tropics for about 8 months of the year so I am loving the less muggy weather right now! I feel your pain, so good on you for still going out and getting it done. You have NO IDEA how PROUD I am of you right now! You are doing it girl! You are a RUNNER!!