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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Update & C25K W1D3: COMPLETE

Hi everybody!

What a GORGROUS Sunday morning! I was up early (before my alarm, yipee!) and went out and ran!! It's so strange because I can already feel myself getting stronger and being able to run further and faster. Today I ran on my own street...which was kind of nerve wracking. I live in a condo and there were a lot of people driving and looking out their windows...but I pushed through! I rocked it!!

The only thing that really bugged me was that the GPS on my phone (and honestly, in my car) can't pick up the signal. So basically I did all this running and the C25K app said that I stood still for an hour. But I promise you, I did not look like this...

After standing around looking pretty for an hour!!!

My mom is running in a 5K today and I'm proud of her! That's going to be me in October! And I have a friend who is running it with me!! She is on a weight loss journey of her own but she doesn't have a blog. We've been best friends since nursing school and both put on a lot of weight during those stressful years. But now we're getting healthy and kicking butt! Woo!

I have MORE good news! We had a lovely team meeting on Friday where they told us that we're going to be moving into a new building in August. I guess the building we're in now we rent from the town and in the winter, there's NO HEAT! YIKES! Also the furniture is old and rickety (but belongs to the town so can't be removed) and we cannot get WIFI which is an integral part of our system because we need to get on a secure VPN wifi connection to download our patients and upload our complete charting. So...we have to plug in and there's not enough plugs if multiple people show up at once! But the new office is very close by and...THERE'S A GYM! That I get to use FOR FREE!!! Holy moley, hooray! Running on my street is fine but it can get busy with cars because upwards of 200 people live on this stretch of street between my condo which is split by the road,8 buildings w/ 4 condos each on my side and I don't even know how many on the other side with 2 townhouses per building. Then there's the hotel next to me, then across the street is another house-like condo complex with attached houses, aproximately 16 of those. Plus at the top of my street is a large gas station AND all the highway entrances. It's BUSY. So being able to go to work early, workout, shower, then be at work to get my assignment sounds FANTASTIC.

No word on who won this week's Biggest Loser challenge but I know I'm working hard! And hard work pays off!!!

Spending the rest of today cleaning... it realllly needs it. Then maybe doing some reading and relaxing! Have a great rest of the weekend folks!


  1. Way to go on the C25K! It looks like things are going really great for you and I am so HAPPY :D
    Good news about having a friend to do a 5k with AND about the free gym, that's awesome!
    Keep up the FANTASTIC work hon, it will all pay off I promise <3

  2. Congrats on getting a good run in! Running has always been very hard for me, but that makes me want to be a good runner even more!

  3. Great job on the C25K! Woot!
    One thing I have learned about outside running vs treadmill running (if you go to the gym) is to put the treadmill up to like, .5 or 1 incline. It gives you that little resistance that running outside gives you naturally. So, when you do an outside race, it won't feel any harder!
    :-) Kepp it up!

  4. woohoo look at you go --- rockin' it & you got the sweat to prove it!!!