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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

C25K W2D1 : Complete!

Sorry for the silence on this end of things, bloggers! I am loving the new job and things are going well, just haven't felt like writing! My weight it exactly the same as last week...and I'm getting extremely frustrated. I'm eating and tracking, no cheating, and I'm running, doing lots of exercise...but my weight is going NOWHERE. It's SO ANNOYING.I feel like I am getting more toned though...my legs definitely feel more solid and I have noticed that my thighs have gotten smaller. So I think I'm toning...but I really want that scale to go down! It's killing me!

Again the GPS on my C25K app didn't work so it looked like I stood around for an hour...I ran with my mom this morning and then I got myself a light mocha coconut frappacino. There's a starbucks right off the trail where we were running so we went there after! I forgot to take a picture of my sweaty self, sorry guys! It was very grey and kind of cold this morning so I wasn't all that red ahah but man I'm feeling it now! I'm still not sure I LIKE running but...I'm trying hard!!

After my run and our coffee break, I came home and showered, cleaned up and then went to Target and Stop and Shop to get some groceries. I hit the jackpot with coupons today, hooray! Saved over 15 bucks! That makes me a happy girl! Then I came home and started a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce, yum yum! I loove having homemade sauce all ready for me. I am doing really good with eating up things in my fridge and using up ingredients so nothing goes bad. Plus I'm making really healthy, fresh meals with organic ingredients and lots of spice! YUM! All good things...but the scale stays the same. Blah.

Anyway, it's a nasty grey day and I'm fighting the urge to nap...and drinking TONS of water. Hope everyone has a lovely wedensday!

1 comment:

  1. Look at you runner girl! So proud!
    Looks like you are back on track and kickin' ass with your food and exercise. I knew you could do it, way to go!! <3