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Saturday, June 30, 2012

C25K W5D1

Holy Moley...

Is it HOT or what????

I got up extra early this morning and went for a run! I didn't take it easy on myself either! I decided to take all the hills and woof was that tough! I ran for 1.85 miles and burned 413 calories. WOO! I was drippinggggg with sweat after my run. It was dripping into my eyes and down my back...YUCK!

Objects in the mirror are just as pink as they appear...
It was an uphill battle convincing myself to go run. Last night I was having major anxiety about running by myself. What if I was mugged or accosted? I even had a dream I was abducted while running...believe me, my mind was playing tricks on me. This morning when my alarm went off, I felt good though and I told myself I better get my ass moving before it got dangerously hot and I could convince myself it was too hot to go out. It IS going to be too hot this afternoon to go running; I am very heat insensitive and that could be really bad for me!

After my run I took a shower and then made myself some breakfast. I was reading this article that said you need to eat carbohydates and protein, at a 4:1 ratio. That's 4 carb to 1 protein if you are running to lose weight. SO I had a Bagel Thin from Thomas' and some whipped cream cheese, which is exactly a 4:1 carb ratio with 24 carbs in the bagel + cream cheese and 6 g of protein. I feel good after eating it too and that's another key! Pluts LOTS OF WATER!!

Yesterday I stumbled across something that was motivating and I thought I'd share. This was one of the things that got me moving today:

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. could you post about the article you are read about carbs and protein; very interesting. :) is the 4to1 ratio just for runners?

  2. Hi Deanna!




    These are some of the articles that I looked at!! HOpe it helps!

  3. I really enjoy that quote. I've got it up on my inspiration board. I can't imagine running in this heat and humidity. Due to my sissiness, I've limited myself to the AC'd gym. But it's still something! :) Proud of you.