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Saturday, June 9, 2012

C25K W2D2: Complete!

Hi all!!

I am still trucking away at C25K! Still pissed that the GPS on it isn't work appropriately...I am trying to find a place to run where it'll pick it up. Thought my first part today the GPS was on and said I improved from a 15+ minute mile to about a 12 1/2 minute mile! WOO! Each time I run I feel better and better. Finding the time to do it is hard though! I can do 2 days a week easily so I'm a little behind but I have no doubt that by October I'm going to rock it! Next weekend I have plans to go with my mom and walk the race route! It's a little funky because it doesn't start and end in the same place...but I think it'll be okay! I'm nervous and excited!

Eating was AWESOME during the week but...today not so much. We went out to breakfast after we ran and then I got a coffee, the woman made it full fat instead of skinny like I had asked. And tonight I'm going to a bridal shower for two very good friends of mine! I'm so excited! Today is my splurge day but tomorrow, back on track! I have lots of healthy, yummy food so it won't be a problem!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It started off beautiful and sunny but now it seems to be hazy and grey...oh well! I got up, ran, and I am good to go!

Have a good weekend all! <3

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