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Saturday, June 23, 2012

C25K W4D1


Week four kicked my @$$ today! But I kicked it right back! It was so hard but guess what? I sucked it up and ended up running for 1.5 miles. HOLY CRAP! Thus far I have been working up toward the 3.1 miles but today, I'm nearly halfway! And I'm getting to halfway in my program. I was shocked today when I first started running...I didn't even feel tired until that second interval. I ran .28 miles without stopping, without feeling tired, without wanting to puke and fall over and maybe NOT get back up!!!! Holy crap! Now...some of you may be thinking .28 miles...that's barely 1/4 of a mile. Please. But I used to get winded WALKING a quarter of a mile. I used to not do any exercise at all...and now I am. YAY ME!

The scale has not moved...but I am fitting into a size 16 now comfortably AND today I tried on a size 14 dress and it FIT! (um...except for in the boobs but...they have always been too big for clothes, sigh). So I know that even thought the scale is going nowhere, I am getting smaller. I also noticed today (while in the bathroom, embarassing!!) that my thighs are so much smaller. They used to squish together but...now there's actually less of them and they don't jiggle as much. Yay for small steps!

Tomorrow I'm going running again...I'm doing well eating. Last night we went to Cheeseake Factory and I had the skinnylicious shrimp tacos (YUM) and then I did have some cheesecake but I didn't eat all of it! In fact I left 3/4 of it on the plate! Was it a splurge? Yes. But it's okay! Tonight I am going to a bachelorette so I know it will be another little splruge but I've already planned for it...and the 450 calories I burned running are going to work in my favor!

Not weight loss related...

I went to see Rock of Ages last night. Holy spit on a stick, Batman! I LOVED it! It was campy and fun and fresh. Everytime you thought it was too predictable, they threw a twist in there and you never saw it coming! HILARIOUS! I was laughing my ass off in the theatre and I would go see it again in a heartbeat! In fact, I plan on it! Best 10.50 I ever spent (on a movie). I totally reccomend it! If you don't know, 80s music has always been my favorite...and I just ADORED this movie. Rocking out t some bodacious tunes while I clean the house today! I'll leave you today with a sweaty picture of me and the trailer for those who have't seen it!!

Sun was RIGHT in my face LOL thus eyes closed. But I look happy huh?


  1. Wow, congrats on your running progress! The more I hear about this program & how well it works for people, the more interested I am in trying it. And moving into a new size = Awesome! :D

  2. Congrats on becoming a new size! You're kicking butt and taking names..keep up the good work!

    I saw Rock of Ages yesterday and loved every second. I saw it on Broadway as well - highly recommended!

  3. woohoo you are totally rockin' the c25k!!!

    and can you believe that i have not been to see rock of ages yet!?!?! all my fellow head banging bitches went to a pre-screening that i couldnt make. i need to get my ass there -- even if i go alone!

    you are glowing btw!
    yay you!