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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I completed W4D3 on C25K and wow, I never believed I would get this far. Today I ran 1.9 miles in 25 minutes!!! That is ALMOST 2 miles which is 2/3 of the way to making 5K. Holy SMOKES! I can do this! I really can! This weekend kicks off Week 5 of the 9 week program :D. I have decided after a lot of consideration that I really can't run on Saturday AND Sunday. My knee (which I broke in high school) really hurts and I don't have very good runs on the second day. So in the spirit of training right and working my hardest, I will run 2x a week and that's been working great for me. up until this point!!

Weight has remained steady...I really need to get my ass in gear to lose the weight however I find that I am losing size and are fitting into smaller clothes so I don't really feel the scale is accurate as to my weight loss and muscle gain at this point! I'm trying not to get discouraged!

This weekend my mom is going to be away for a few weeks so I will be without a running partner. SO I need some good support from everyone. Making myself run is HARD but then when I finish I feel great...it's the getting there that's the hardest. SO any motivation or tips and tricks would be fantastic! I didn't get a picture of myself this morning because I got up a little bit late and was rushing around, then my mom and I went to Target and got some groceries and some bargains!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. You are doing an amazing job - way to go girl!!! You will find things start to hurt now and didn't hurt before because you are running longer and longer periods of time, just be careful. I found an anti-inflammatory cream really helps a bad knee and I always take an anti-inflammatory pill before long runs because of my back, it works a treat for the most part, but remember not every run is going to be great. One day you will feel like running forever the next it will be a real struggle doing the same distance - its just how it goes.
    The scales stopped moving for me when I started running, but I was gaining some crazy ass muscle in my legs and my clothes were fitting differently. It's only now that I have increased distance that the scale is changing ever so slowly. Concentrate on muscles that all of a sudden show up that you never had before, and clothes that get loose, not the scale.
    As for running by yourself, I have no idea, I haven't ever run with someone. I found the pride of ticking off another day of the program my motivation to get out there and do it each time. I like to complete lists LOL.
    Good luck chicka!