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I'm Kate. I'm 25 and a busy nurse journeying through life! I'm restarting my weight loss journey! I started off with Jenny Craig but now I'm doing it on my own with the support of my beautiful bloggy friends!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deathly Weigh In Eve


My cold finally decided what it wanted to do. I am so sick. Horribly croupy cough, running nose, runny eyes, stuffed up head and chest, and my nose is raw from blowing it. I have been getting almost no sleep because I'm so congested I keep waking myself up coughing. I've been wearing an N95 (very heavyduty) mask, washing like crazy and wearing gloves to see my patients...thankfully the census is relatively low and I have been able to do my few visits then come home and chart and rest and try and recuperate. My boss has been very understanding thankfully. And thank GOD I am off tomorrow because I think today is the worst day so far... I can hardly talk, I feel super congested. I'm drinking tea tea tea (and more tea) and water! Those are the things that are going to help.

This week food wise has been awesome. I didn't splurge or go outside of my calorie range, I didn't eat out. I did not buy very much Jenny Craig food at all. I went to Target and got a bunch of the market fresh options and used those instead. So I'll be interested to see what kind of a loss I have this week (I sure hope its not a gain!). Aunt Flow is due in 2 days and I'm feeling a little crampy...so with the added fluids I'm taking in to try and fight this cold and such, I suppose we'll see tomorrow!

This post will be short because I really feel like crap. Just thought I'd check in...I'll update tomorrow. Send healthy vibes in my direction, please!


  1. Sorry you feel so miserable!! Hope you are 100% soon.

  2. Great job on the food this week. More importantly, hope you get better soon!!

  3. Hoping you feel better soon! With asthma and being overweight and generally sickly I seem to get sick all the time so I feel your pain. I'm a big fan of tea and the occasional hot toddy as a cure all :)

  4. Feel better my dearest!

    Lemon tea with honey, rest rest rest, plenty of fluids, echinacea and oil of oregano in a BIG glass of OJ...You'll be good as new in a couple days :)

  5. awwww i hope you are on the mend ASAP -- go rest & take care of you!!!