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Friday, March 30, 2012


It feels like this week has been one of the longest I've had in a while...busy weekend followed by a solid week of working (I went to that conference on what was supposed to be my day off). And I'm just ready to relax! The rest of my new furniture is coming tomorrow! And thank goodness they are not coming at the buttcrack of dawn! Last time they were at my house at 6:45am. That's a little early...especially when you live in a condo and have neighbors! Tomorrow they're slated to arrive around 11:45am. Much better! And man am I soooo excited to get my new furniture. YAY!

I actually have been doing good! I've been making good food choices! Last night for dinner I made Hungry Girl Sesame Chicken...I'm going to post the recipe this weekend. It was GOOD! I have to say the sauce was too sweet for my taste but when I put in some spicy sriracha sauce onto my chicken, it was fantastic! I've been sticking to my Sparkpeople regimen and no wavering for me! This morning for breakfast I made myself and my mother Hungry Girl's All American Egg Mug (my way) which is posted on my blog. She loved it! And it was a great meatless meal (I use maple flavored veggie sasuage!). Then for snack I had a 90 calorie special K bar and some fruit. And lunch was a Lean Cuisine Shanghai Chicken. And for dinner I'm making lemon pepper fish and some green beans! YUM! I figured I should stay meat free this one Friday before Palm Sunday, lol.I've been a really bad Catholic. Honestly, I feel like I just get so busy that sometimes I don't even realize its Friday until its too late! I know God will forgive me <3

So I had such a crazy week but today was lighter. I got home around 1pm and did some charting while I ate lunch. And then around 3pm I decided to go out for a walk...down to the gas station 1/2 a mile away and buy myself some Megamillions Tickets. The lottery jackpot is 546 million dollars...I am not a gambler. I haven't bought a lotterty ticket since the day I turned 18 (I did it because I could). LOL but DARN! That's AMAZING. I couldn't pass it up!!! Everyone's all hyped about it, I'm just buying a ticket in case its my lucky day! I guess I should not have reminded God I forgot to abstain from meat on Friday for most of Lent right there :/ Hehe.

Laundry is going, the dishwasher is going...I'm going to be changing the sheets on my bed tomorrow. This weekend is about ME! I also decided it was time to really go through all my clothes. I have to donate my scrubs that are 3XL. I can barely keep them on me anymore and I only have 2 pair of the XL scrubs. SO I bought some new ones online from the same place. And they were on sale, which is quite rare for Cherokee Workwear scrubs (If any of you are regular scrub wearers you'll know what I mean!). I got three new sets for $78 (that included shipping and such). I also bought some new clothes from Old Navy. I put on a pair of my jeans to go take a walk and they were literally coming down around my knees. And the bagginess made me look bigger and bulkier. It wasn't attractive...

I'm going out with Brian again next wednesday. We're going to see The Hunger Games and then going to Cheesecake Factory (which is across the street from the theatre). So I think it'll be fun! I'm also seeing my primary care doctor that day for a physical. I haven't had one since 2008...yeah. We'll see. I know I'm still obese but whatever, I'm making progress one pound at a time! They just have one nasty APRN in the office who tends to be rude about it. Oh well!

Everyone have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!

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  1. you crack me up your a nurse and haven't had a well visit in 4 years....lol

    You are making progress and doing great. Your doctor will be proud.)