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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rewards Galore!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

Well, I went yesterday and got myself an amazing deal on furniture and I decided this was my gift to myself for losing over FIFTY POUNDS! And reaching 1/3 of the way to my goal. I am getting my house in shape, just like I'm getting my body in shape!

As some of you may know, I purchased my house last year and I was basically starting with nothing. I was just graduated from college, I had a good job and I wanted someplace permanent to call my own! I was living in my parents house, I lived there during college and commuted (not the best idea). But I had money saved, I didn't want to play the renting game, and I knew that the real estate market was at my fingertips. Let's just say, I got my beautiful condo for pennies of what it was worth. It was an estate sale and was pretty much being sold 'as-is'. The estate did have to fix the electrical panel that was a complete and total disaster...but it was in very good faith they did that and I was incredibly grateful for it! My house is definitely a fixer-upper but I came in and made the changes that made it perfect for me! I had to rip up all the nasty, smell carpet and I put in laminate tile, redid the tiling in the bathroom and put down LVT in the kitchen while I was at it. The house was completely outfitted with a beautiful soft paint and so I didn't need to paint, so that was excellent. And I still need to redo the kitchen and  bathroom...those are a few years out. But that didn't leave ANY budget for furniture.

My neighbor down the street at my parent's house lost her husband a year earlier and had decided that living in a big house by herself was too much. She gave me her furniture that she couldn't fit and I had some of my own. The piece she gave me was an antique couch from the 1930s. It was definitely sturdy but...not very attractive.

Yeah...not exactly my style but it worked. But now that I'm settled in and I'm saving money and getting things in order...it's time to MOVE ON! This couch will be going to a friend who lives in NYC, this is the perfect couch for a small NYC apartment. I take very good care of my things and this couch was well loved before (just worn because of its age). But it will make a perfect addition to her home!

I went with something a little more upscale:

Yay! I got the couch, the loveseat and a matching ottoman to go with it. The couch has a full sized memory foam sleeper inside. And I also decided it was time to stop laying my clothes in an old bathroom caddy that I bought from Pier One over TEN years ago. Yeah, I cannot believe it either. I actually first used it to put VHS recordings of Days of Our Lives that I watched during highschool. And to keep my other DVD box sets in line. BEFORE they started playing back episodes on the computer. Hell, before I even had a COMPUTER.

So I bought the matching dresser/mirror to my bed!

I have been putting my clean sheets that aren't on my bed on top of the dryer...which is a waste of space. I can now put them in here. I also have room for my underwear, socks, and bras...which are now crammed into that old caddy. I will even have room for all my WORKOUT CLOTHES! So they're not just kind of dumped in a laundry basket for me to go find! I seriously cannot wait. The first delivery I get is this Wednesday, I will get the love seat and the dresser/mirror. Then on March 31st, I get the sofa and ottoman. They had to do it this way because not everything I ordered was in stock! But I got a GREAT price...you wouldn't believe me even if I told you. And I am amazingly excited. This was just the little boost I needed to enjoy the last 2/3rd of my weight loss journey!

On the other hand, my goals this week were an abysmal disaster. I was extremely sick and was barely able to climb the stairs at my condo or, on Wednesday and Thursday, get out of my bed. So I didn't do much exercise. I did go walking with my mom around the neighborhood yesterday! I didn't write lists about my goals, I didn't meditate (unless you count sleeping  on and off while praying for health 'meditating'), and I didn't cook. I didn't want my sicky germs all over the kitchen while I tested a new recipe. I am still having a little runny nose and occasional cough but it's SO much better. I can taste food again, YAY!

I did write a post of my favorite snacks...that was about all I accomplished. I will do better next week! I need to take some time and think about what goals I want to set for this week! We're coming in on the END of the SCC challenge and I want to finish it out with a bang.

Look for goals tomorrow <3 Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!


  1. Very nice indeed, and well done on the big 5-0

  2. Congrats on 50 lbs, you deserve this reward!

  3. Absolutely wonderful non-food related reward! Amazing job!

  4. Great job! I'm jealous because I LOVE shopping for home stuffs!! Be sure to post pictures after everything is moved in.

  5. The furniture is beautiful! You have great taste! So happy for you!!!!