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I'm Kate. I'm 25 and a busy nurse journeying through life! I'm restarting my weight loss journey! I started off with Jenny Craig but now I'm doing it on my own with the support of my beautiful bloggy friends!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Non-Weigh In Wednesday

It kind of bummed me out not to weigh in today... I really wanted to see how I was doing. But you know what? I think the obsession with the scale needs to stop. I ate really well this week and tracked, drank all my water, exercised, and that number doesn't really matter! I FEEL GREAT! I put on a pair of jeans that were tight a few weeks ago...they're getting really baggy. Especially in the back, they were practically falling down my butt! I've also noticed it in the legs. My thighs are definitely smaller and I think they stretched out my jeans, because right around my knees there's a lot of bagginess in my pants (a really odd place to have bagginess LOL). You can see it in my latest progress picture how that happens. WIERD!

So...today my furntiure arrived at 6:45AM!!!!!!! Yeah. I'm not kidding. Blah. I got up at 6 and had to rush through my morning shower and getting dressed. Thankfully I had everything else in order for when the guys came this AM. Only half my furniture came, the other half is scheduled to be delivered 3/31/12...because the couch and ottoman were on backorder and I wanted the one with the memory foam mattress. But it's a start! That's a little over 2 weeks away and time is flying; it'll be here before I know it!

I have made a decision on the Jenny Craig issue that I've been having. Even from the start of this weight loss journey, I have had problems with my consultant and the Jenny Craig team. I called on Monday (2 days in advance) to let them know my Wednesday was going to be busy and was forced to make an appointment I knew I couldn't keep. SO I called back and said, please just let me weigh in and get food. The woman on the phone was very rude...so I said "Okay well I won't come in then. Not a big deal". Then she changed her song and dance...and said that my consultant would call me and get my food order so they could pull it and have it ready for me when I arrived at whatever time to weigh in. I never got a call. No one ever followed up. And when I checked my messages this morning there was one phone call from Jenny confirming the appointment that I cancelled two days ago.

This was not that hard a decision.

I will end my time with Jenny Craig which is not a problem at all. I've been doing 85% of food on my own whether it is breakfast cereal for breakfast, a lean cuisine meal (love the new Market Collections) or cooking up a healthy chicken breast with veggies for dinner. I am tracking on Sparkpeople.com religiously and actually not going to Jenny Craig is going to save me money, time, and GAS. No more fighting to get to Jenny Craig in the mornings on my day off. Not going to happen. What I've told myself is that if I find that I want to return, I paid for a year of service (no refunds, ugh) so for this year, if I wanted to I could go back. But honestly? I got this...

Thanks for the supportive e-mails and blog posts! I feel like this is a super positive thing for me! I need to buy a scale though, haha. When I do update my weight, there may be a fluctuation that's strange as I adjust to a new scale in my own house. So be aware of that!

SO per request, I took some pictures of the pieces I do have! Please enjoy!

New Loveseat! Situated by the front door, it looks amazing! New lamp coming soon

New dresser all set up with my clothes in it! There I am! I'm looking good! ;)

For those of you who haven't seen it, the other side of my room (taken from my doorway)

Have a great day all!


  1. I love your furniture. Looks nice!

    Also, I love Lean Cuisine meals. The week I lost over 2 lbs., I was eating a Lean Cuisine meal each day for lunch (and a healthy breakfast, snack, and dinner). It was a nice treat to not have to cook and to know I was getting a tasty meal that was healthier for me than a lot of the other options out there.

    It's important to find a plan that works for YOU. Plus, you have to learn how to eat in a way that will sustain you for the rest of your life. Once you lose the weight, there's no going back to old habits. When you've got "the right diet" (and by "diet" I simply mean the food you consume on a daily basis...not a plan and such), you'll be set. I found my diet and it works for ME. I love it. Have fun pokin' around for yours and getting one that suits your individual needs and desires. :)

  2. My wife is losing weight, but rarely weights. She goes by how her cloths fit. She is successfully losing weight without the stress.

    I love the dark color. It looks so rich and timeless.

  3. Your furniture is gorgeous!! My friend had a similar experience with Jenny Craig and she did the same thing the above person mentioned. She started buying Lean Cuisines. And she saves the little box numbers or something b/c apparently Lean Cuisine gives you free stuff for collecting them. But good luck. I love the pics!!!!

  4. I no longer go to the original clinic I was going to for weight-loss. For a totally different reason though. They moved and are now too far for me to drive to. So I'm doing the program on my own. You have all the tools you need to lose weight. I know that they are ingrained in my head and have been pretty much my whole adult life. You can totally do this on your own! Jenny Craig doesn't deserve your business if she's not going to ensure supportive and friendly staff! Good luck!