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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NEW RECIPE: Meatless Buffalo Chopped Salad

I was feeling creative in the kitchen today and I found myself something new at Target the last time I was there. Morningstar Farms meatless Buffalo Wings. I am a conisseur of buffalo wings...they are totally my downfall. I love their spicyness and the richness of the sauce. Nom! But they're not exactly calorie friendly...according to That's Fit.com in "One dozen sauce-spun wings with their bleu cheese sauce have 1,014 calories and 76 grams of fat." No thanks, I'll take my yummy recipe any day!

Check these out! YUM!

These are amazingly yummy little nuggets and totally meat free! YUM! And they are perfect for my easyyyy chopped buffalo salad! WINNER WINNER NOT CHICKEN DINNER!

Meatless Buffalo Wing Chopped Salad
Serves: ONE!


    1 serving (5 wings) Morningstar Farms Buffalo prepared in the oven according to package.

    1 cup Dole Shredded Lettuce

    1 slice of tomato chopped (or to taste)

    1 large slice of onion chopped (or to taste)

    2 tbs Fat Free Bleu Cheese Dressing

    Frank's Hot Sauce
    Fat free bleu cheese crumbles


1) Cook Buffalo wings in the oven according to package (Forget the microwave, you want these crispy)

2) Put lettuce, tomato, onion into a bowl.

3) Cut buffalo wings into bite sized pieces. Top salad w/ bleu cheese dressing (I did 2 tablespoons frank's hot sauce and 2 tablespoons blue cheese dressing)


Nutritional Facts

A delicious meatless meal, made in under 20 minutes, that is healthy and yummy? YES PLEASE! Enjoy!


  1. yum!!! i will def try this!

  2. I love the look of this! I am so disappointed that we don't have buffalo wings here! See that's the problem of having foreign blogging friends, you have all these products I don't, and I get jealous :p