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I'm Kate. I'm 25 and a busy nurse journeying through life! I'm restarting my weight loss journey! I started off with Jenny Craig but now I'm doing it on my own with the support of my beautiful bloggy friends!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Get on the Wagon Monday! And WEEK ONE READY FOR SUMMER!

It was a bit of a crazy weekend but it was so much fun. The six hour car ride each way was a bit hard and my shoulder and back were really achy on Saturday night and Sunday. I think too the mattress at the hotel was basically sooo soft. I like my firm mattress and it is very supportive. One night on it and I was back to 100%!

Food wise this weekend, I could have done better. I went out to dinner Friday night but made excellent choices. Then Saturday I snacked a bit too much. I was really nauseous in the car and I ate a few cheez its which helped soak up some of the acid in my stomach, probably from the coffee I drank. It was a small iced coffee but I had a touch of cream and one splenda in it (I can't drink coffee without cream without major heartburn). And then we packed lunch so I had made myself turkey and lettuce on a La Tortilla Factory low carb wrap and ate it with some carrots and hummus. That night we went out to a mexican place and I had one frozen watermelon (YUM!) margarita, ate literally less than 1/3 of my GIGANTIC mexican meal...but then I was snacking on Easter candy. Which wasn't good. I didn't go nuts but I definitely overindulged. Sunday we ate continental breakfast at the hotel, I had a bagel and some cream cheese. And then for lunch I ate half a hamburger (I ate the other half for dinner). So all in all, I don't think I did THAT bad.

And today I'm back to tracking and healthy choices! Nothing can stop me now!

I am trying some new Healthy Choice dinners. They have less sodium than Lean Cuisine *very slightly less* but were on sale. So I thought I'd give it a try.  But I also bought some delicious chicken breast, ground turkey, tofu and veggies to cook things with! I also got some nice fresh mozzarella and basil so I'm looking forward to some yummy recipes coming up!!

I am SWAMPED at work right now. Today I didn't even have time to go to the bathroom between patients and ended up not being able to eat lunch until 3:30pm. I did have a Fiber One bar in the car and that saved me! Then I came home and made a Lean Cuisine from the freezer and ate while I made the 6,000 phone calls I needed to get done! (Okay that might be a slight exageration). But I do have some really big things coming up and I'm going to wait a little bit to share what they are...but big changes could be coming my way!

I may postpone weigh in wednesday this week because I have a huge conference to attend on Congestive Heart Failure. And of course that's usually my day off. I will have to leave my house extra early to drive an hour down to the conference to be there for 7:15am... so... I am going to do weigh in Saturday this week! I get the rest of my furntiure that day so I'll be up fairly early! And I can relax and blog about things!

Today I am setting my GOALS!


1) Get my house organized and ready for new furniture.

2) Enjoy the conference I'm attending Wednesday and use the knowledge in my clinical practice.

3) Buy some new clothes at the Goodwill (I'm falling out of everything)

Weight Loss Goal:

* - Lose 1lb this week.

Nutritional Goal:

1) Make good choices when eating out. Food is provided at the conference and I have a date that evening at the Cheesecake Factory. HEALTHY dining out choices.

2) Track religiously at Sparkpeople.com

Fitness Goal:

1) Walking x 7 days. BIG walk on Sunday w/ mom

2) Park far away from clients' homes and walk extra distance with weight of supplies.

3) Exercise bike x 1.


  1. Wow, your progress pics are AWESOME! Can anything be more motivating than that? Have a great 1st week on the summer challenge! Can't wait to share our progress along the way.

  2. Good luck this week and yay for good choices! It really does sound like you're busy. I'm looking forward to hearing about the big news.

  3. Yes! Those look like small and smart choices. Easy enough to integrate if you concentrate on those small choices every day. You can do this! I can't wait to read about your success or failure (though I doubt that) over the course of the week.

  4. Good luck this week! Great job staying on track with a busy schedule :)

  5. Congrats on your weight loss so far. You are such an inspiration. Quite a transformation. Good luck on this journey. I know we all can do it if we set our minds to it!

  6. Woooooo sounds like your on track an keeping on eye on it all!!! Congrats x

  7. I think it sounds like you are soooo ready to just DO this! That's great!

  8. Awesome :) Good luck reaching your goals!