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I'm Kate. I'm 25 and a busy nurse journeying through life! I'm restarting my weight loss journey! I started off with Jenny Craig but now I'm doing it on my own with the support of my beautiful bloggy friends!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012



I have had just about the worst day. Today was supposed to be my day off. Well I worked from 8am-3pm...and some of you may be saying, oh well that's not so bad. At leaast you're getting paid. Um no. I'm not. I didn't get paid AT ALL because I'm a salaried employee, not an hourly employee. So pretty much I had to work my entire damn day off with absolutely no compensation. At all. I had to deal with crap ALL day...everyone had a damn emergency and kept calling me about it. And I care too much about my patients and their families to just not do anything or "pass the buck" onto someone who won't get it done. No. No way.

But then it leaves me in a tough place because I got absolutely no time for myself today. I was supposed to go to Jenny Craig and get my food, I was supposed to check things off my blog list... and now I feel stressed and sick. And what does my boss say to piss me off even further? Oh, you volunteered for this...did I? Or did I volunteer to do you  favor that's blown up in my face. You better believe I'm never doing this again. EVER.

Sorry, vent over.

On a positive note, I tried on those jeans in my closet that I bought. They are a size 18/20 and they didn't fit last month when I tried them on...

HOORAY! THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad news? I hate the cut. They are low rise and I hate low rise jeans... the back actually gaps open, you could stick your whole hand in there. So in some ways I guess the pants are too big for me... but in every other place they fit well. I think I'm going to return them though, like I said, I hate the cut.

Still planning on doing my recipe tonight however I needed to get out some of my anger in blogland before I even thought about taking some me time. And I haven't cooked it yet so if it really sucks, I'm not going to post it haha. But look for that later this evening!!!

1) I will watch 1 movie start to finish. - Finally saw Easy A, haha that was cute!

2) I will buy a new pair of weigh in pants. (Mine are too big and almost fall off my butt)Bought some at Target online. They've shipped out!

3) I will try on a pair of jeans in my closet that were too small last month. Maybe they will fit? Will post picture. - Going to do this one tomorrow hopefully!


1) I will do the 30 Day Shred 2x - 1/2 - Plan on doing this Saturday morning

2) Do Weight Loss Yoga 2x- 0/2

3) Do Exercise Bike for 20 minutes- 1/2


1) I will track my calories religiously on Sparkpeople.Com EVERY DAY! 4/7

2) I will drink at least 80oz (10 glasses) of water EVERY DAY! 3/7 - Working on this one

3) I will try 1 new recipe and post it on my blog (I think I have one in mind!) - Check back tonight!!


  1. I'm sorry about your bad day! I've had jobs in the past where things like that happen..not a fun experience when its a horrible day and your boss is unappreciative. Good luck with the rest of your week, hopefully it will be better!

  2. Ugh, I hate it when work stuff happens like that. Especially when you're doing it for free!!

  3. sorry you had a rough day those are always the worst but a workout could help all that stress disappear : ) awesome job on the pants sucks you don't like the cut

  4. Keep believing and keep moving forward! I did the shred for the first 30 days of my weight loss journey and I lost 11 lbs. That was 2 years ago and I am now closing in on 100lbs lost. Would love for you to follow my blog: http://sheri-theweightisover.blogspot.com/
    Keep up the great work!