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I'm Kate. I'm 25 and a busy nurse journeying through life! I'm restarting my weight loss journey! I started off with Jenny Craig but now I'm doing it on my own with the support of my beautiful bloggy friends!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weigh In Eve

Hi all!

I'm working on my goals for this week's Spring Chick Challenge...and it has been a bit of a challenge. I can report happily that yesterday and today I've logged all my food into Sparkpeople and I've done my 20 minutes of exercise! I joined in on the Official January Jumpstart Workout Challenge and they have a TON of short but great videos online to do. I REALLY reccomend it! Check it out! I did the lower legs one. WOOF that was a 9 minute workout but it felt like I had worked out for hours!

I also got all the holiday decorations down and put the box down into the basement for storage. It looks really empty in here. I bought my condo over a year ago and I have SOME things...but I need to buckle down and get things in shape in my house!

Today I actually took the 30 day shred off the DVD rack...and I want to do it today. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm praying for a loss. I got off track over the weekend because of the holiday. And I wouldn't be suprised if I maintained or even went up a little bit. But I was good the week before and I've been following my plan perfectly for a couple days. Maybe my butt could help a sista out and lose a LITTLE something!?

Alright here's the official upate for today! Let's see what I can accomplish! Tomorrow will be my official weigh in and starting point for the Skinny Chick Challenge and from there I will set my weight loss goal. This is going to be hard because I'm going to Italy for 2 weeks to visit my sister February 5-18. I'll really need to step up my game!!!



1) I will not let any one tempt me with leftover holiday goodies. - So far so good!

2) I will take time to read a magazine cover to cover without any interruptions.

3) I will take down all of the Christmas and Hannukah decorations and put them away.


1) I will exercise for at least 20 minutes each day. - 2 Days Down

2) I will work up the courage to try the 30 Day Shred - Took it off the Shelf, Today is the day!?


1) I will track my calories religiously on Sparkpeople.Com EVERY DAY! - 2 Days Down

2) I will drink at least 80oz (10 glasses) of water EVERY DAY! - 2 Days Down

3) I will do at least 2 meals on my own on my Jenny Craig program. - In Progress


  1. Good job on starting on your goals! That's really great! :)

  2. 30 day shred is awesome! Good job on getting your holiday decorations down, I still have a 7 foot tree in my living room.... one of these evenings I'll take it down. :)

  3. Looks like you're on track. Best of luck:)

  4. Thanks for that link. I've been looking for some more exercises to do.

  5. Dieting in Italy? Enjoy girl, enjoy :)
    I think we were on the same wave length today, my decorations all got put away as well :)
    Onward and downward we go