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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home Again! And Week 4 Goals!

My little trip away with my mom was excellent and I had a really great time! It snowed to beat the band on Saturday and so my mom and I made the executive decision to go up a night early and stay over. It was really great. We grabbed some Mexican for dinner and enjoyed a few too many margaritas and then ended up talking until midnight! Saturday we got up late and enjoyed some coffee (I had tea) while watching the snow fall. Finally we got up and showered and went to this adorable little bistro for lunch. We braved the storm and poked around in some shops including a cute bookshop called Bearly Read which was all old, loved books. It was great! Then we came home and watched TV and my mom took a nap before our big evening out at Longfellow's Tavern, America's oldest running tavern. It was amazing...I had the prime rib and it was to die for.

This week has been one of many many downs for me and I totally enjoyed myself and relaxed. I so needed it. I really did. I did not, however, make good food choices. But I also didn't go NUTS. I ate my lunch at the bistro and actually only ate half of my burger and a few fries then brought the rest back. And I ate it that afternoon...but dinner was at 8pm so I had it as a snack. Then at dinner I didn't even finish everything on my plate and didn't have dessert. I was proud of myself for not eating until everything was gone off my plate and I felt sick. Which...I've admittedly done a lot in the past. Today I'm going to take it easy and eat a bit lighter, this isn't a step back as far as I'm concerned!

As far as the scenic walk, it was so dangerous on the roads on Saturday there was no way we could've done this. It was so snowy it was hard to even get out by vehicle. But I still logged 2 miles Friday and 1.2 miles Saturday on my pedometer. Not too shabby, eh?

Let's look at last week's wrap up!

1) I will do 2 minutes of deep breathing each day to help with stress relief. - 7/7
2) I will organize and print out the papers that I will need for going to Italy in February
3) I will do one thing just for me, haven't decided if it'll be a haircut, mani/pedi or something else!
Exercise Goals:
1) Exercise Bike for 20 Minutes 3x - NOPE.

2) Wear Pedometer Every Day and Track Miles - 6/7 - I forgot on Wednesday :( oops

3) Do Exercise DVD 2x this week - EH.


1) I will track religiously on Sparkpeople.Com - 5/7
2) I will drink at least 80oz water daily - 7/7
3) I will make good choices when going out to eat! 50/50 on this one.

Overall I need to work on my exercise goals...there is simply no excuse for not doing it. Stress wise I loved my deep breathing and will continue doing it. I made good food choices...but the exercise I need to bump up.

SO... on to week 4 goals!? (how is it week 4 already?)


1) I will read ONE BOOK cover to cover.

2) I will do my deep breathing exercises x7 days

3) I will start packing up for ITALY!


1) I will walk at least 2 miles daily.

2) I will wear my pedometer every day.

3) I will try ONE NEW EXERCISE this week per SCC minichallenge

4) I will ride exercise bike x2 this week.


1) I will track daily on Sparkpeople.com

2) I will make TWO RECIPES and post it on my blog.

3) I will make good choices when going out to eat.

Upcoming things for me. My actual birthday is Wednesday so I need to make good choices when going out to eat! I am also going to see a psychologist on Wednesday for the first time in my life...I have some stress issues and a high stress job makes it harder for me to manage them. So I'll update you on that as I go along!

Have a great week all!!


  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself.f I also like that you have a plan for Week 4 ( yes time is flying). Happy Birthday by the way. LOoking forward ro hearing about your recipes and your new exercises. Have a productive week.

  2. Happy Birthday (a little early)! That trip sounds great! When I was going to school in Boston I always wanted to go there so I am a little jealous. Can't believe its Week 4 already either, time sure flies! Good luck this week :)

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome time! So glad you were able to spend time with your moms!

  4. I have def. eaten myself sick. You aren't alone on that one. It's nice to hear about the good choices you made and see ways that I can make better choices myself. Glad to hear that your relaxing weekend was just that, if anyone deserved it its you. Hope you have a good week xx

    - DS

  5. Happy early birthday :D
    I have eaten myself sick too, and it's a horrible, horrible feeling!

  6. Happy early birthday, enjoy it. I'm proud of you for cutting yourself off before you were sick. I like how you are doing the deep breathing exercises to help destress a little, keep it up. I hope you find more ways to help your body relax and DEFINITELY want to hear and see pics about Italy!

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Happy early birthday